New Fleet Management Software Designed To Predict Demand 

New Fleet Management Software Designed To Predict Demand 

Latest innovation a result of partnership between Audi and Fleetonomy

When it comes to technology and the car rental sector, connectivity seems to be king. Scores of companies in the industry have paired up with management software developers to create high-tech platforms enabling offices to not only “talk” to their cars, but enable those same vehicles to interact with each other. 

Using a variety of tools from artificial intelligence to massive amounts of data collected on vehicles and customers, connectivity technology is designed to assess the size of fleet inventory, check the location and working condition of each vehicle, and other functions and features designed to increase workflow efficiency and customer service. Bluebird has already amassed a track record of satisfied customers from scores of independent car rental dealers as well as major companies via its own product line of vehicle rental software from its LoanerTrack dealer rental processing system to its fleet and registration RentWorks platform.   

Now, industry scuttlebutt has it that Audi has linked up with fleet management software company Fleetonomy to calculate how to identify future demand in certain areas at peak times to allocate vehicular availability. The two companies had previously worked together to create Audi Select, the automaker’s subscription program, which was rolled out in 2018.

So far, the innovation doesn’t have a name, and there’s been no announcement when Audi plans to make it available in its own vehicular line. But as reported on Tuesday by Asset Finance International, the technology will be able to provide service simulation that can help the company decide on car deployment and hold test runs to determine such factors as fleet size, electric vehicle charging needs and parking allocation. It can also be adjusted to business type, from car-rental companies to ride-sharing services.

“Audi has always aspired to provide a great experience by advancing through innovation and technology,” said Nils Noack, a mobility strategist at Audi Business Innovation, in a release. “By taking an innovative multi-service approach, Fleetonomy’s platform showed great success in improving fleet efficiency while simultaneously reducing costs associated with utilization and operation according to fleet constraints.”

“As the industry transforms, automotive manufacturers are expanding their role as providers of on-demand transportation services and are looking for efficient ways to manage their fleets according to dynamic demand and supply,” added Fleetonomy CEO and company co-founder Israel Duanis.

“We are very excited to have taken part in this project and are confident that Fleetonomy can positively influence overall efficiency, as well as enhance Audi’s smart transportation management capabilities in the future.”

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