Track Your Own Support Calls With Bluebird’s On-Line Call Center

Track your support calls with the click of a mouse!

Once you request a login and password, go to our web site – – click on the Support tab, then click on On-Line Call Center at the top of the left column. From here, you can:

The initial screen automatically goes to View a Support Ticket, and prompts you for a date range. Once entered, you will see a list of all the calls you had placed within the date range, along with a Summary description of the call. To view the details, simply double-click on the Ref # field.

When entering a New Support Ticket, you can enter as much detail as you want. Indicate if you want to be contacted via email or phone. However, you must enter both items. You will receive a confirmation email with your Call Reference Number.

Now you don’t have to call us any more to see who picked up your call! Once you see which Product Support Analyst (PSA) has your call, you can call him/her directly or just send an email.

This service is FREE for any customer with an active Hotline Support/Software Subscription Agreement.