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Plan reservations with the RentWorks Res Planner

Manage all reservations on one screen

Proper reservation booking and management is crucial for any car rental business. That’s why our ‘Res Planner’ allows service agents to easily assign vehicles to reservations with a simple drag and drop process.

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How The Res Planner Works:

  • 1. Assign vehicles to reservations using a multi-colored chart.
  • 2. Res Planner displays upcoming reservations, open contracts, due back times and vehicles out of service for maintenance and repairs.
  • 3. Simplify the process of maximizing your fleet utilization.
  • 4. Rates and Availability Inquiry: graphically displays the number of vehicles available and allows for rate shopping.
    • 5. Flexible system that allows agents to direct customers to another vehicle if necessary.
    • 6. Search reservations and edit any reservation if adjustments need to be made.
    • 7. Add additional notes and attach key documents to the top of the summary page.