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Ace and Bluebird Partner on New Technology

ACE and Bluebird Partner on Next-Generation Reservation Delivery Technology

Indianapolis – ACE Rent A Car Reservations, Inc. and Bluebird Auto Rental Systems Inc. today announced a joint development to deliver the next generation in seamless reservation delivery to their joint customers. The two companies are developing a new technology reservation delivery system based on OpenTravel standards. This development represents a significant step forward from the 1970s-era technology still used throughout the car rental industry to exchange reservation information among business partners.

Based on a new XML message protocol developed by ACE, this new solution will deliver reservations to ACE’s affiliates seamlessly in real time. Unlike the prior technology, the new XML-based solution supports the full information set common in today’s travel reservations, including pre-payments, special equipment, complex taxes and fees, and advanced rate calculations.

ACE Rent A Car affiliates benefit from this new solution. “This is a technology improvement that is long overdue. With each passing year, our reservation packets have become more and more sophisticated,” remarked Craig Parmerlee, Director of Business Development for ACE. “But the data exchange protocol remained at such a primitive level that it sometimes led to poor customer service and lost business opportunities. We are excited to offer this advancement for ACE affiliates that are moving to Bluebird’s RentWorks Version 4.”

Angela Margolit, President of Bluebird Auto Rental Systems, added “Our most active, strategic-minded customers are making the migration to RentWorks Version 4 in 2009. Many of these customers are ACE affiliates, so we are excited to be able to deliver this important feature to enable our customers to become as efficient and productive as possible.”

As a member of the OpenTravel Alliance, ACE intends to submit this new solution to OpenTravel for inclusion in their suite of industry-standard interconnect solutions. The new feature is available in ACE’s RezPower software system today and will be added to RentWorks Version 4 in 2009.

About ACE Rent A Car Reservations, Inc.

ACE Rent A Car Reservations Inc. is a technology company dedicated to developing and supporting solutions that empower independent car rental companies to compete successfully with the major chains. ACE has developed and operated global reservation networks in support of its affiliate base since 1986 and today manages a large chain of independent rental car operators worldwide with over 200 locations in 15 countries.

About Bluebird Auto Rental Systems, Inc.

Bluebird Auto Rental Systems is a provider of cost-effective, turn-key computer systems to vehicle rental operations worldwide since 1982. Bluebird’s Auto Rental application software, RentWorks, enables dealerships to more efficiently manage their service loaner fleets – expediting the rental process and improving the overall customer experience. All Bluebird products include 24×7 access their Online Call System, Knowledge Base, and documentation.

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