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Bluebird Goes Green

Bluebird Auto Rental Systems Goes Green with Solar Energy

Bluebird Auto Rental Systems/Bluebird Technologies of Rockaway Township, NJ and The Solar Center of Rockaway, NJ announce the installation of a new solar electric system at Bluebird’s headquarters.

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held today to commemorate the installation of Bluebird Technologies’ new solar electric system. In attendance were Rockaway Township’s Mayor Louis S. Sceusi, Bluebird President Angela Margolit, and The Solar Center CEO Ed Steins, along with staff from both Bluebird and The Solar Center. The solar electric system will work to save substantial electricity by cutting back on Bluebird’s usage from the grid. Also, the system will have environmental benefits equivalent to the absorption of CO2 from planting 3.2 acres of trees or cutting back annual green house emissions from roughly taking three cars off of the road.

“Bluebird Technologies had been providing IT support for The Solar Center for years. With the push for companies to go green – along with government incentives – I thought it would be a good time to do some bartering” stated Angela Margolit, President of Bluebird.

“IT Solution companies such as Bluebird have sizable electric consumption. This new solar electric system installation allows Bluebird to build sustainable practices into their business while enjoying great savings on their electric bills. At the same time, and just as important for any business owner, Bluebird Technologies, generates revenue for their business through the sale of New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program, SREC (Solar Renewable Energy Credits) Program”, noted Ed Steins, CEO of The Solar Center. “The total electric saving and SREC income for the system is over $300,000 during the twenty year plus life of the system. The first year solar incentives of $79,000 include a federal grant which Bluebird Technologies will enjoy through the Federal Stimulus Package. In total, the system will pay for itself in less than six years with a 20% rate of return making this a great investment for Bluebird Technologies. Bluebird Technologies has shown great environmental leadership in the business community, and we are proud to have installed this solar electric system for a local Rockaway/Dover based company.”


About Bluebird Technologies

Bluebird Technologies is a full-service information technology (IT) solutions provider. They offer state-of-the-art products and services for small and medium sized businesses, specializing in the implementation of diverse computer network systems and IT solutions.

They are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bluebird Auto Rental Systems, who develops, sells, and support software for the vehicle rental industry around the world.

Both operate from the office condo complex at the corner of Mineral Springs Drive and Fleetwood, where the Solar Panels are now located.


About The Solar Center

The Solar Center is one of the East Coast’s largest and most experienced providers of solar electric and solar thermal systems. Since 1995, we have installed over 700 commercial and residential solar energy systems amounting to over 5.5 MW of solar energy in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. Specializing in turnkey energy solutions, the company engineers, procures, constructs and maintains solar energy systems to help its customers lower electric purchases from conventional generation and maximize revenue production from SREC sales.. Our solar electric and thermal projects include large commercial and industrial facilities, small businesses, educational institutions, apartment complexes, churches, farms as well as residential buildings of all types.

Contact for Solar Center:

Don Nicholson

(973) 627-7730