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Bluebird Introduces Wizard Licensee Bridge

Bluebird Introduces Wizard Licensee Bridge

Dover, NJ USA. – Bluebird Auto Rental Systems (BARS) announced that they have released a Bridge interface between the Wizard System and Bluebird’s RentWorks vehicle rental software. The Wizard system is a global Main Frame system used by all corporate Avis and Budget locations, all Avis licensee locations, and numerous Budget licensee locations.

The Wizard Licensee Bridge (WLB) software imports contract and fleet data from the Wizard system into RentWorks on a daily basis. Avis and Budget licensees then have access to all of the functionality within RentWorks, including Vehicle Maintenance, Fleet Utilization, and Daily Business Reporting.

Numerous add-on modules can also be used, such as Accident Claim Tracking and Custom Report Writers. From RentWorks, data can be exported to popular third-party accounting packages, such as MAS200, Peachtree, Great Plains, and QuickBooks.

Using the WLB saves licensees money in numerous ways. For example, The Wizard Revenue Distribution Systems (RDS, sometimes referred to as LRD, Licensee Revenue Distribution) could be eliminated, as the financials would all come from RentWorks.

About Bluebird Auto Rental Systems

Bluebird Auto Rental Systems is a provider of cost-effective, turn-key computer systems to vehicle rental operations worldwide since 1982. Bluebird’s Auto Rental application software, RentWorks, enables dealerships to more efficiently manage their service loaner fleets – expediting the rental process and improving the overall customer experience. All Bluebird products include 24 x 7 access to their Online Call System, Knowledge Base, and documentation.