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Ford Dealers Group Endorses Bluebird

Ford Dealers Group Endorses Bluebird

Parsippany, NJ USA – Bluebird Auto Rental Systems (BARS) announced that they have entered into a business partnership agreement with Dealers Group Limited. (DGL), the Automotive Division of Scher Group. The partnership allows clients to benefit jointly from the cost-effective, turnkey computer systems offered by Bluebird Auto Rental Systems, combined with the rental operations performance improvement management program presented by Dealers Group Ltd.

“Our clients are used to contacting and negotiating with different companies in order to meet their needs pertaining to rental automation, automation training, fleet management assistance, and operations support.  Through this partnership we have combined resources to offer a comprehensive package and allow our clients to obtain these “best in the industry” resources through only one point of contact”, explained Don Marshall, Automotive Division Director for Scher Group.

Current customers of Bluebird will also have the services of Dealers Group made available to them.  “Through this partnership with Dealers Group, we ensure not only that our customers receive the most in-depth and flexible software, but also comprehensive and essential business information from industry experts” stated Angela Margolit, President of Bluebird.   “Our software already has the unique ability to integrate with the major Dealership Management Systems.  The services from Dealers Group truly brings together all aspects of an auto rental operation.”

About Bluebird Auto Rental Systems

Bluebird Auto Rental Systems is a provider of cost-effective, turnkey computer systems to vehicle rental operations worldwide since 1982.  Bluebird’s Auto Rental Application, AutoMate2, allows clients to effectively manage the efficiency and profitability of any size vehicle rental operation.

About Dealers Group Limited

For 10 years, Dealers Group Ltd. has provided rental and performance improvement training for independent rental operators, major vehicle manufacturers and franchise operators. DGL’s team of rental professionals has over 250 years of combined rental experience in the local market, airport, and various other niche markets. Dealers Group Ltd. offers auto rental operations the experience and training they need to grow their fleet, improve profits, and increase employee productivity.


Don Marshall

Dealers Group Limited