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Progress Offers SaaS through The Cloud

Progress Software Successfully Enables SaaS Deployment in the Cloud for Fifth Year

Thousands of Progress OpenEdge-based SaaS deployments from 250+ ISVs in dozens of industries

Bedford, Mass. –  Progress Software Corporation (NASDAQ: PRGS), a leading software infrastructure provider that enables enterprises to be operationally responsive, announced today the start of the company’s fifth year delivering its Software as a Service (SaaS) enablement program. Progress has enabled more than 250 Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to deploy thousands of on-demand applications. These ISVs use the Progress® OpenEdge® SaaS platform to build their applications for use in some of the most demanding and diverse business environments in the world.

Progress OpenEdge is a SaaS platform that simplifies and streamlines the development, integration, and management of business applications for deployment ‘in the cloud’. The OpenEdge platform comprises the efficient data management, high availability, and scalability that a SaaS application requires. Equally important to the success of ISVs, Progress provides SaaS enablement services that include technical, business, and sales & marketing planning programs. Progress also offers flexible pricing options to mitigate the risk to ISVs through a shared revenue model.

A September 16, 2009 report from independent research organization Gartner, Inc., ‘Who’s Who in Application Platforms for Cloud Computing: The Enterprise Generalists’, states: “Application platforms for cloud computing vary from those that are narrowly focused on simple two-tier architectures to those that offer universal multi-architecture support.” The report continues on to further state: “Users who understand their requirements well will avoid overpaying for an unnecessarily complex platform, or a platform that’s underpowered for the project’s requirements.”

Progress helps ISVs by providing proven technology along with the marketing and business programs needed to succeed within their particular industry. “Progress ISVs deliver solutions for a wide range of vertical markets, including manufacturing, media, financial services, healthcare, and even those who service the agriculture industry,” said Colleen Smith, managing director, SaaS for Progress Software. “The thing that most differentiates our program is that we take the time to understand the specific SaaS deployment requirements for each vertical market. We collaborate closely with our ISVs to develop business models that help them reach the most customers possible, while maximizing their revenue.”

For example, B&L Information Systems, a provider of enterprise software for foundry and die casting industries, is a Progress ISV who has evolved its offerings toward an on demand model, thanks to the Progress enablement program.

“When we were looking to expand our business strategy and look at SaaS as a new business model – it was the Progress SaaS-enablement programs that helped us make the right decisions. This allowed us to continue to help metal casters make better decisions, faster with the new SaaS applications we created,” said Matt Gacek, vice president of Sales & Marketing, B&L Information Systems. “Our strategy is working well. 78% of our new accounts in 2009 are SaaS-based clients.”

The current economy has challenged software developers to innovate, and Progress is helping them. Digital Technology International (DTI), a global financial management software provider to the news publishing industry is one such example.

“With the media landscape rapidly changing, we realized we needed to make the transition to offering SaaS-based applications and change our business model. It was our partnership with Progress Software and taking advantage of their SaaS-enablement programs that helped us make a complete shift in strategy. We were able to deliver ‘DTI Cloud,’ which enables media organizations to respond rapidly to the demands of digital news publishing,” said Steve Nilan, vice president of Marketing, Digital Technology International. “Our SaaS offering and strong technology foundation not only keeps pace with changes in the media landscape, but prepares publishers for the changes that are yet to come.”

Often, time to market is a key success factor, as it was for FARA, an insurance services organization that provides risk and claims management solutions to insurance companies, self-insured corporations, and governmental entities.

“We used the Progress OpenEdge SaaS platform to develop our Catastrophe Claims Management application and as a result we were the first to market,” said David Richard, vice president Information Technology, FARA. “In doing so, we have been able to differentiate ourselves from the competition with a new SaaS offering. We are also achieving 30% average annual growth.”

For Bluebird Auto Rental Systems, which offers cost-effective turnkey services to vehicle rental operations worldwide, the key to their ability to compete successfully was to serve any customer regardless of size or geography.

“We needed a way to expand our reach to provide auto rental software services to both small and large franchises,” states Angela Margolit, president of Bluebird Auto Rental Systems. “Ultimately, the pricing flexibility we gained by using a SaaS model has been is a key success factor. Moreover, we have a unique partnership with Progress Software that enables us to create new market opportunities and to service auto rental providers in many geographies around the globe.”

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