Protecting Your Rental Business With Credit Checks

Protecting Your Rental Business With Credit Checks | auto rental software

Bluebird Auto Rental Systems wants your establishment to always have its best foot forward by making sure those rent from you will not come at loss for your business. In an age where most customers will be paying with cards, it’s important for businesses to qualify card carrying customers. Equifax provides an easier way to run credit checks.

More and more customers are choosing to pay via credit card, making it imperative for your business to have the information necessary, as there are options to ensure you will not take a loss. One of those options within RentWorks, is the Equifax interface.

The Equifax interface will allow a counter agent to obtain the rental customer’s credit score from this leading credit history reporting bureau. Through system settings, you can define acceptable scores, how to handle failing scores, and scripts for counter agents to read to the renter.

Upon opening a rental agreement, your counter agent can, if desired, obtain the customer’s credit score from Equifax, one of the leading credit history reporting bureaus.

Equifax will search their database for your customer based on just the name and address. If there is no match on the address, you can use the social security number.

You can enter any script you want the counter agent to read to the rental customer: 1) before the inquiry is made, 2) if the score fails, and 3) if a person cannot be found at all in the Equifax database.

You determine the cutoff score which qualifies to rent. You can also define how many days to apply that result to future rentals.

You can ignore the Equifax score by using the Manager Override function. However, ALL actions are recorded in the Audit Log.

Please note:
1. You will need to enter into an agreement directly with Equifax in order to use this module.
2. You will have to disclose the fact that you may perform credit checks on the face of your rental agreement.
3. Renters with a home address in Vermont cannot have their credit checked.

This Equifax interface is just one of many new and exciting features included in RentWorks, the latest version of Bluebird’s leading-edge auto rental software. Equifax gives you a better way of identifying your card carrying customers. And let’s face it, in 2019, most customers will be carrying cards.

The Equifax interface is just one of many add-on modules available with RentWorks. These modules can make all the difference in taking your business to the next level.

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