RentWorks: Add-On Modules To Ensure You Have Superior Rental Tools

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Take your car rental business to another gear with RentWorks’ add-on modules

RentWorks is all about simplifying the operation of your car rental business. While the installation of the program only comes with a one-time fee, that doesn’t mean Bluebird isn’t constantly seeking ways to enhance the software. What’s made Bluebird the global value leader in car rental software has been our constant desire for improvement, which is why we’re happy to provide periodic upgrades to our customers.

RentWorks delivers seamless integration with the software you need to run your business and we cover everything from the front counter to the back office. The challenge here would be to take you through every dimension of the program’s capabilities and going through the abundant add-on modules Bluebird offers. So today, we’ll stick with a few key rental tools available. These tools not only speed up your rental process; they also leave a lasting impression on your customers, who will appreciate the speedy service these add-ons allow you to implement. After all, a big part in customers choosing the rental outlet for transportation needs is the experience they get when renting from you.

Here are three key add-on modules available with RentWorks:


Credit Card Processing:

Bluebird can streamline your rental counter operations with CCPRO, a leading edge credit card processing system. Fully integrated with RentWorks, CCPRO supports EMV technology (Chip & PIN) technology. This allows your business to perform credit card authorization and draft capture functions of your operation quickly and efficiently.

CCPRO saves you valuable time by eliminating manual data entry. When a customer’s credit card is inserted into the reader, the information is securely captured and encrypted.

CCPRO provides you peace of mind by providing a security check against credit card fraud. The card’s ‘chip’ will identify the correct owner of the card, even if the name or card number on the front have been altered. Not only do you get peace of mind, but your customer is also protected in all credit card transactions, as CCPRO passes all sensitive cardholder information directly to the processor. This prevents sensitive information from saving to the merchant’s computer system.

For added convenience, CCPRO utilizes a token issued by the processor to the point of transaction. This eliminates the need to store sensitive data locally. Multiple payments can be processed against a single token as allowed by Visa and MasterCard rules. Finally, CCPRO offers a choice of multiple payment gateways for merchants to select.

Signature Pads:

The Signature Pads add-on stores images of customer signatures in your system with the rental agreement for quick and easy reference. Going paperless will prevent your file cabinets from overflowing and ensure you’re always organized.

A large, legible screen will capture your customer’s signature upon checkout. With it, you can also prompt to accept or decline additional coverages. Instead of paper stacks mounting, images of the customer’s signature on your rental agreement will be stored as images. You won’t have to worry about meeting legal requirements by displaying your agreement electronically, as all necessary verbiage can be programmed to display on the screen. Save some space in your office by going paperless!

Drivers License Cameras With SnapShell R3:

Thanks to the combination of RentWorks with SnapShell R3, you can load the complete image of a license into your system. When you open a contract for that driver, the information is automatically loaded and the image is electronically attached to the rental agreement.   

Instead of requiring a scanner at every workstation, the data is uploaded to your network for easy access. How does SnapShell R3 work? Simply place the license onto the scanner and press the scan button. SnapShell then indexes the card image by saving it under the owner’s name. With the software, you can choose where the file should be stored on your system. This makes future bookings from that customer easier, as you can select the appropriate image to associate with a customer’s record when a new contract is opened. Everyone on your network has access to the necessary data when the image is first uploaded. And of course, it integrates perfectly with RentWorks!


If you’ve been using RentWorks to operate your business for a while now, then you’re aware of just how effective RentWorks is in running your car rental operations. If you have yet to use the software, then a good first step is requesting a free demo. The numerous add-on modules of RentWorks ensure that your business is always up to date and that you’re maximizing the impact RentWorks has on your business.

Better software. Better support. Better value. For over thirty years, Bluebird Auto Rental Services has been supporting its many, many happy customers around the world. Our flagship product, RentWorks, provides all the tools you need to run every aspect of your car rental business or service loaner department from the front counter to the back office.

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