Simplify Appointment Booking Processes With RentWorks TimeHighway & Reservation Links

Streamline bookings and reservations with these easy-to-use add-on modules

While RentWorks provides all the tools you need to have your business up and running, your business may have some particular needs that other businesses don’t have. You also may prefer a certain way of running your business and require some additional services to further streamline your operations. For example, if you’re a car dealership offering a rental service, your source of business is far different from that of a standard car rental operation. 

To ensure that revenue from your rental division can reach maximum potential, you need the car rental business software that tailors to your needs. Thankfully for you, Bluebird is constantly seeking further improvements and integrations in our software that can not only improve our products, but improve your experience and reward you for sticking with us.

Bluebird offers an extensive suite of add-on modules that can further improve the way your business is run. As simple as these add-ons are, they could make a world of difference in your bottom line.  


TimeHighway service | car rental software

Bluebird made a strong integration a few years ago when we partnered with, a premier real-time, online scheduling service for car dealerships. By using this service, busy clients are able to set their desired reservation or appointment times with you. 

TimeHighway’s extremely robust, yet simple program allows customers to schedule online appointments 24/7. As for your service department, it will provide outstanding service drive management and shop loading. The service is fully integrated with RentWorks and your dealer management system, whether you use CDK, Reynolds & Reynolds, Dealertrack or Auto/Mate. What does this mean? Any appointment made is seamlessly transferred from TimeHighway into your DMS and to RentWorks, which creates the rental/loaner reservation for your customer. 

With the amount of online bookings only going higher, any car rental operation, whether you have a rental outlet or a dealership offering rental services, needs the appropriate Internet technology to satisfy certain customers. TimeHighway enhances or replaces old phone-based processes with Internet technologies to improve the effectiveness of booking appointments and ensuring more availability. It also offers new advertising and communication channels for dealerships and their customers.

Improve Customer Experience

When a customer books an appointment with you, they’ll receive an immediate confirmation email, putting their mind at ease right away in knowing they’re all set. In addition, they’ll receive a courtesy reminder the day before an appointment via email or text notification when the service on the vehicle is complete. Finally, they’ll receive a thank you email once they pick up the vehicle. This allows your Service Department to to spend more quality time with customers, thus increasing the Dollars per R.O., and increasing Service Department CSI, customer loyalty and retention.

Ultimately, TimeHighway maximizes available appointment hours and increases your revenue.

Reservation Links

Reservation Links in RentWorks | vehicle rental software

Depending on your source of business, the Corporate Reservation Link can be vital to your business. The Corporate Reservation Link allows reservations to be received from a centralized reservation center. The information is sent our via a secure Internet connection, which is connected directly to the server. When RentWorks processes the reservation, it will automatically create records in the Reservations, Customer and Payment/Deposit tables.

This link features the ability to generate an audit trail from the reservation transmissions. When using Reservation Links, a hard copy receipt of the exact image can be printed, featuring the reservation transmissions, as they are sent from a centralized reservation center. Tracking is easier than ever, as a log is provided, covering all additions and changes to the Reservations File.


These are only a couple of many add-on modules that are designed to maximize your profits. If you would like to receive more information on TimeHighway, Reservation Links or simply share what kind of needs you need us to address, feel free to reach out to a Bluebird representative today. We’re always happy to help you, as we fully realize our success is tied to yours.

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