Sixt to Roll Out Convenient App for Luxury Rental Clients

Sixt To Roll Out App For Luxury Car Rentals

Latest technology a result of a project with California Company

While car rentals try to stay as many leaps and bounds ahead of each other recognizing added efficiency and customer convenience through a series of upgraded features on smartphone apps, the luxury car market isn’t about to be left out of the mix.

Levels, a San Francisco-based company that creates social network technology geared for higher-end users, announced on Tuesday a tandem project with German car rental firm Sixt to develop an app designed to enable clients to bypass the car rental counter altogether. While the new app will be tested in the California metropolis, there’s no word so far when the developed app will be commercially available in the U.S., where Sixt also has offices.

It’s an app similar what Levels has developed for its upper crust users, who can already pay for hospitality and food at hotels and restaurants worldwide without having to flag down a staffer to conduct the transaction. Luxury car rentals is one additional service where speediness and convenience is at a smartphone user’s fingertips.

“Sixt is aligning with other thought leaders on innovation and is taking on the often-lengthy process at car rental centers through a pilot partnership with Levels in the innovative San Francisco market,” said Jonas Frey, the CEO of Levels.

Frey let on that one major feature of the app will enable a user to send an image of the customer’s driver’s license via the messenger component and one “Accept” click later, the deal is done. Another feature involves a client getting the equivalent to a valet ticket on a smartphone. Showing it to the valet, will prompt the staffer to pick up the rental car, avoiding the hassles and inconvenience of handling a part of coordinating the vehicle’s delivery.

Probably the toughest part will be selecting which luxury ride a customer might want, since Sixt prides itself in having the largest fleet of BMW and Mercedes Benz cars in the world. The company also has a wide range of higher-end vehicles, including sports cars, convertibles, jeeps and trucks. Among some of the models are a few by Aston Martin, Lotus and Jaguar, in what the company calls the James Bond collection.

While levels is a relatively new player, the company has already garnered a number of luxury-oriented clients like Sixt, having previously landed agreements with such businesses as STK Steakhouse, the Baccarat Hotel and designer luxury handbag merchant Bottega Vaneta.

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