Isn't It About Time To Bury Those Old Time Clocks?

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Make way for the 21st Century... TimeClock is here! Fully integrated with RentWorks, TimeClock is the automated employee time clock from Bluebird. It's here to make your business run a little smoother... and your life a little easier.

TimeClock Features:

  • Eliminates the need for the traditional time clock. Now, instead of punching in, an employee can simply log in, on-line through your computer system.
  • Keeps track of the employee's time during any given pay period, whether it is a weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly payroll cycle.
  • Records all transactions for each employee by date, time and type.
  • For added security, managers have the ability to override or correct any entires.
  • Once information is approved, it can be posted automatically to Microsoft Excel.

Now isn't it about time to get TimeClock?

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