Ways That Airport Car Rental Apps Can Boost Revenue

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Mobile app developer highlights advantages for auto industry startups

It’s a given that the world’s largest rental car companies are taking advantage of smartphone technology in a big way to increase business efficiency and boost customer amenities. And with the big boys getting a great deal of mileage out of these innovations, there’s very little reason for smaller players to avoid getting onto the fast track to make their operations more competitive.

U.S.-based app developer Space-O Technologies outlined four incentives in a recent article, by following some anecdotal pearls of wisdom that’s benefited Hertz and Europcar, two of the larger companies in the market. According to the article, one of the biggest advantages to car rental apps is that a vehicle is more readily available to a consumer at that person’s request. In particular, the introduction of Hertz’s Fast Lane program has cut down on the length of time it takes to book a car to less than 30 seconds. And with its plan to extend that program by using biometric features such as face and fingerprint recognition, the service will not only become faster, but even safer to use.

A second advantage in an app’s favor is in how much easier it is to modify a booking. Besides looking at what models are available, a customer can also specify specific needs, such as a vehicle that includes features that accommodate small children. Or if a user runs into a business partner willing to tag along after a plane arrives at its destination, altering a request can be made in seconds.

While an app isn’t necessary to request road assistance, it’s a feature that’s vital for a company’s livelihood, and a third reason why apps are increasing in importance. Most car rental apps not only enable fast and convenient requests for roadside assistance, but additional features can pinpoint the type of help needed. And response is generally faster than via conventional methods of contact. Such a feature also reinforces a company’s reputation for customer service, demonstrating that quick attention to fixing a problem is one way to demonstrate how a car rental company can focus on addressing the needs of its clients.

Finally, an app is an ideal way to introduce perks to its clientele, such as discounts or even some free incentives. It’s a nifty way to help a startup grow its business and snare a steady critical mass needed to operate in the long term. For example, if a new company offers a free booking to a client who’s rented from the firm a certain number of times before, chances are, that person is going to stick with that service.

But the bigger picture to consider is that the global rental car market is slated to grow annually by six percent between now and 2022, possible generating revenue as high as $99.6 billion in three years. Technology, especially in app development, will be a major key to that growth, and something that smaller players cannot do without.

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