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Get all the benefits of using the world's best car rental software for just pennies per transaction. NetRent, the hosted version of RentWorks, is the best value online car rental software. NetRent eliminates all the headaches and costs of managing a server and computer network.

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The most powerful on-premises car rental software suite for the global vehicle rental industry. Car and truck rental companies around the world use RentWorks and benefit from its intuitive and easy to use functions.

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"We've been a Bluebird customer for approximately 18 years. They're efficient, they're quick, and they get back to you. When they say they're going to get back to you about a particular question, they do! It's a very simple format; it's easy to work with the customers."

-- Mike Browning, Royal Oak Ford Rent a Car, Michigan

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The team at Thrifty Car Rental of Panama City, Panama

Bluebird Features:

* Laser printed rental forms
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* Rate management
* Internet reservations
* Fleet tracking
* Veh
icle maintenance
* Accounting interfaces
* Credit card processing



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Bluebird Auto Rental Systems develops and distributes broker car rental system software, with Internet reservation and confirmation capability to vehicle rental and car loaner dealerships. The Bluebird Auto Rental Systems' car rental software is designed to run on any Windows operating systems, as well as on the Web. The following car rental software, service and support information for the auto rental industry can be found on the Bluebird Auto Rental Systems Web site: Car rental software products overview | RentWorks | NetRent | Erez | ParkMate | LoanerTrack | Add-on Modules. These car rental systems include the auto rental software formerly owned by Orion Systems, which was  acquired by Bluebird Auto Rental Systems.

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