Here are the 2014 Bluebird Customer Survey Results

In years that Bluebird Auto Rental Systems does not host a Users’ Conference, we hold a survey for our customers. This year we had a record number of responders: 15%, here are the results!

Question #1

When prompted to print a contract or reservation, you can select “Specify email address”. (If you had entered
the customer’s email address, you will also see an optionto “Email renter”.) If you are on NetRent, we may need
to activate a Custom Feature code.

If you are on-premises,you need to have your own mail server. Many of you expressed an interest in this feature, but you didn’t give us your name.

Please enter a support call so that we can help you! And since many of you asked: in the next version of RentWorks (4.1B), you will be able to add a message!

 Question #2

And yes, you can run them on a RECURRING schedule as well! To activate, make your selections from the report request screen, then select “Schedule” or “Reschedule” in the upper left. Did you also know that there is a folder under Reports for “Periodic Procedures”? Check it out!

Question #3

Go to Counter, then select Res Planner. Click on the ladder under “Location” to select your reporting structure.
Select the class, then click on Search. All of the open reservations will be in bright green on the first line.
This is a great tool for managing small fleets (under 20 cars) or specialty classes.

Question #4: If you could change anything about RentWorks, what would it be?

We received some GREAT suggestions here, including:
• Create a receipt for a parking violation. Note: We can create ANY form for
you with our Print Program Generator (PPGEN)!
• When entering in a Date Out while making a reservation, make the Date
Due calendar reflect the same month as the Date Out (if you tab to the
Date Due field, the proper month will appear). Software Action Request
(SAR) #7287 has been entered.
• In Admin>Companies>Cash receipts, display negative items in red.
SAR #9455 has been entered.
• Email confirmation. Too many times agent inputs incorrect email from
reservation form. “It would be nice to have a double input to assure
correct email input before confirmation is sent out to client as we get so
many mail error fails from simple things like inverted characters.”
SAR #9456 has been entered.
• When doing a vehicle exchange, be able to select the open contract by
license plate instead of unit number. SAR #9457 has been entered, and
SAR #3783 has been modified so that we add this to the handheld/
RentWorks Mobile screen.
Many of you asked for features we already have, such as:
• Charge fuel by number of miles driven (you need to enter a mileage
charge in the rate).
• View a driver’s data to duplicate for a spouse (use the copy function).
• Run in a web browser (use Ericom).
• List more than two drivers (this is only a restriction of our rental
agreement form; we can list three).
• Receiving Credit Card payments in cash receipts (the next release, 4.1B,
will have this!)
• A chance to reprint a check in form (you can choose to reprint an Open,
Modify, or Close version of a closed contract).
• A box for employment information: Place of Work, Work Phone (see
bottom of Drivers tab).
• “Not being able to delete (or move out of fleet) cars that are no longer in our current fleet. Even moving them to a ‘sold’ folder would be better. Takes a while to go through and find all the current vehicles in our fleet since the sold vehicles are in there too.” (You need to actually “Sell” the vehicle in order to move it from the Active Fleet to the Sold Fleet.)

Regarding the two requests to re-open contracts: In the next version, you will be able to prompt for another field which the rental agent has to enter to make sure that they are closing the correct contract! If you want to re-open a contract to make changes, that is not necessary. Simply add adjustments (as miscellaneous charges) with offsetting debits or credits. And for those of you desiring certain reports or formats, ask us about the CyberQuery Report Writer!

Question #5


90% of our customers believe we are Outstanding or Good! Obviously we are pleased with this result. We know sometimes it’s hard to please people all of the time, but that is our goal. Based on some of the feedback, we will consider trying to fix the problem when you first call in.

It is our recommendation to enter your call either using the Bluebird Support desk menu item within RentWorks or through the online call center on our website. This skips a step and puts the call right into the queue, which saves you valuable time.

If you opt to enter your call online, please describe the nature of the call. The more detail that is provided in the call and connection information will reduce the needfor analysts to contact you for additional information, unless further clarification on the issue is needed.

Examples of information that would speed up the process would be theRental Agreement number, Unit number or report(s) that you need assistance with. Please remember that we are servicing customers all over the world
and have thousands of users. Each of you is important and if you ever feel you need immediate service, let the receptionist know and we will escalate your call while you are on the phone. And please note that we do have 24 x 7 support. You simply have to call the beeper number: 973.366.2651.

Question #6

Question #7