Car Rental Social Media: 3 Ways to Enhance Employee Morale

While the strong majority of businesses use social media to market their product/service, never discount social media’s ability to empower your employees.





By using social media to put the spotlight on your employees, it will show that your business is healthy and that your employees are trusted and empowered. Here a three ways to empower your employees on social media!


1.) Showcase “Employee of the Month” on social media sites!

While not every business has an employee of the month, those who do should show their star employees off more than just a congratulations email. Try posting a picture of said employee on your social media outlets, along with some congratulatory words for them.

However, always make sure that it is ok with the employee to post their picture online. If it’s not, oblige to their wish and skip posting that month’s top employee. They surely will respect the fact that you adhered to their preference!

2.) Let your employees blog!

What’s it like in the day of the life of your employees? No better way to find out than to let them talk about why they like their job. Of course, you should use discretion when selecting an employee – and always know you have the final editorial decision of what is published and what is not.

Still, letting your employees blog serves two purposes. The obvious empowering of your employees, and letting your customers learn a little more about the person behind the counter that they wouldn’t know otherwise.

3.) Have employees respond to positive reviews!

In the event that your business receives a positive review of customer service on social media, let your employee who is responsible for the great service respond to the message. Again, they will appreciate not only the kind words of the customer, but your trust in them to speak on behalf of the business.



These small steps are all about trust, and serve as a good reflection of the bond between you and your employees. Do you involve your employees on social media? Let me know in the comment section below!