Car Rental on Facebook: Marketing in 2015

Mark Zuckerberg knows a thing or two about Facebook, and he recently announced the key to successful marketing on the largest social media site for 2015.

If business share content that is useful it will be shown on Facebook News Feed

Really! It seems to be that Facebook’s cutbacks on audience reach for business pages will only be placed on pages that overly-promote their business.

Facebook went in great detail about the changes in their Facebook for Business blog, but here are some the key points:

  1. Do not post content that explicitly tries to sell a product.
  2. Post content that is genuinely useful to your fan base.
  3. Do not re-hash content that is used in your Facebook ads.
  4. Do not push fans to enter a contest without context

For car rental on Facebook, this presents a challenge – as often business pages are used in ways that are not within the guidelines that the outlet has set.

However, business pages that follow the requests of Facebook will see that their reach will not be as negatively as it has lately.

“The Mom Test”

When sharing content, use what Convince & Convert describes as “The Mom Test”.

Would your Mom, who loves you unconditionally, care enough about this content to not just give it a like, but to comment on it or (ideally) share it?

If yes, go ahead and share it, if not rethink your strategy when posting content.

Pay to play

If your business still wants to explicitly advertise on Facebook, fear not. Facebook Ads still presents a cost-effective solution for your post. For as little as $1 you can promote a post and ensure that it reaches people. However, I do recommend spending a little more than that on a post.


A new year provides new opportunity, and with some inside knowledge from Facebook your car rental operation can get the most out of content marketing in 2015!