5 Auto Rental Software Add-ons From Bluebird Auto Rental Systems

While every RentWorks auto rental software add-on module serves a purpose, today we are looking at five that will optimize your rental operation. If you see one here that you like, do not hesitate to contact us today!


1. Claims Manager

Claims Manager electronically tracks all of the accident claims information – including photographs. Claims can be entered quickly by pulling renter and vehicle data from RentWorks. Unlimited renters, third parties, vehicles, as well as extra comments, can be entered.

2. Drivers License Camera

Drivers License Cameras can load the complete image of the license into your system. When you open a contract for that driver, the information is automatically loaded and the image is electronically attached to the rental agreement.

3. Reservation Links

Reservation Links allow data to be loaded automatically into RentWorks from the major franchisors such as Budget, Dollar, Payless, and Thrifty, plus affiliate reservation systems such as ACE, Economy, Fox, NuCar, and CRX.

4. Time Clock

TimeClock is an integrated electronic punch-clock with which employees can “clock in” and “clock out”. It will keep track of employees’ time during any type of pay period, including weekly, bi-weekly, or semi-monthly. TimeClock records all transactions for each employee by date, time, and type. Once information is approved, it can be sent to an Excel spreadsheet.

5. Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing (CCPRO) automates credit card authorizations and end of day batch settlements. CCPRO saves counter agents time by reducing key strokes and data entry errors.

It also provides a security check against credit card fraud. CCPRO’s advanced technology only requires one Internet connection for multiple workstations, while bank-supplied systems require multiple phone lines.

In addition, the bank-supplied printer can be eliminated because with RentWorks, the appropriate information prints directly on the rental agreement. If you select Element Payment Services as the processor, you can even automatically detect Debit Cards & Pre-Paid Gift Cards by using CardSense!