3 Social Media Tips For The Summer

Maintaining a blog and running social media accounts are always difficult tasks, however they become substantially more difficult to keep up with during the summer. 

With the masses enjoying the season, and going outside it is not uncommon to see a lack in engagement/impressions/traffic. However, it is vital that you maintain the consistency of your social media presence. The worst case scenario is to become lazy and wipeout all the momentum you had before the summer, leaving a bad impression on your audience that has stuck around during the summer.

To combat this here are 3 social media tips for you to withstand the summer and get ready for when traffic begins to boom again in the fall!


1. Summer Social Media Tip #1: Get A Little Risky

No, don’t go off the deep end – but try somethings you usually wouldn’t. Post more than you regularly would, and not all of it should be about boasting your products – rather discussing things at a human level, such as current events that are of interest for your target audience.

2. Summer Social Media Tip #2: Try Another Outlet

We have gone over the importance of using other social media platforms and not just Facebook and Twitter. With the free time that the summer may offer, a handy social media tip is to try an another outlet such as Instagram, Google + (although, you should already be on there!) and/or Tumblr.

The 3 months of summer may not be enough time to gauge its effectiveness, but it could also be a hidden gem in your social media marketing efforts. There is only one way to find out, and that’s by trying

3. Summer Social Media Tip #3: Network!

This is the time of year, to find new people to connect with online via LinkedIn and Twitter. Trying to gain Facebook likes is not a bad idea either, but do know that if engagement is down for you, it is not unlikely that it is down all around. Still, finding personal connections to people that can help grow your business can be vital during the dog days of summer!


How do you handle social media during the summer? Comment below with your suggestions!