Car Rental Social Media Study: Island Car Rentals and Twitter

I don’t need to lecture you on the importance of using Twitter, but there are a large amount of people who could use a lesson on using Twitter properly. Twitter isn’t just about talking about your business. It’s a platform to inform and engage, our friends at Island Car Rentals do just that. If your business isn’t doing so, you would be wise to follow their ways!



Being Human

If there is one thing I have stressed in our various blog posts about the car rental industry and social media, it is the importance of not using just automation for your Twitter account. Island Car Rentals takes it further, and uses no apparent automation for their account – which basically means their is a human behind every message that the account sends out.

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This is good for engagement and giving your brand a personality in which consumers can communicate, and do business with.

Island Car Rentals does their share of conversation starting too, searching the twittersphere for those looking for their services.

As you can see this conversation lead to a customer getting vital information about the business, is your business using Twitter to converse? Or are you just talking about yourself all day?

More Than Pricing, More Than Font

A common downfall of car rental companies on Twitter, is they just talk themsleves. Don’t get me wrong, they are important, but your customer can find that information from the site too. A good mix is not only to include pricing information, but to talk about other things your customer is interested in.

Island Car Rentals tends to stick to customers interest by tweeting on the happenings in Jamaica – which they are based out of. They know that there ideal customer is likely not from the island, but are likely there on vacation. If a soon-to-be-vacationer sees that this account is tweeting about things to do in Jamaica – they will be more inclined to do business with Island Car Rentals once they begin their vacation.


Also, as you can see they use more than just words to show off the many things to do in Jamacia, they also use videos and photography to capture the beautiful island sights.



However, they don’t forget to talk about themselves either – which is fine, given the amount of tweets they send out about Jamaica: it’s a good balance.



Plus the tweet centers around a reward program, which is customer-centric!

In Conclusion

As you can see, Island Car Rentals is doing a great job of using Twitter to inform and engage. They don’t just talk about themselves, and when they do it does involve a benefit for their customers. This approach might not work for everyone, but I am hard-pressed to think that you won’t find results emulating Island Car Rentals!



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