Automotive Digital Marketing: 5 Facebook Contest Considerations

When it comes to automotive digital marketing, it is hard to garner buzz as a car rental company. Some companies may turn to contests as a way to create said buzz. However, there are some things you need to consider – especially on Facebook.

1. “Share this” and/or “Like this” go against Facebook’s policy.

We see it all the time, “like this page” and/or “share this post” to enter yourself for __________. Seems easy enough, and often this will garner the likes and shares that you are looking for. But this automotive digital marketing strategy can come back to haunt you, because this goes strictly against Facebook’s Terms of Service. Likewise, writing messages to the, or posting on their wall, goes against policy as well. It’s important to play by the rules.

Still, you can require contestants to like your Facebook Page in order to win said contest, this helps your automotive digital marketing in the long-term as well. Those who like your page will become members of your audience, and more likely to see your content on a daily basis.

2. Do you have an opt-in?

Facebook allows you to use third-party applications to run contests, which does benefit your automotive digital marketing. These applications will allow you to track audience information such as email addresses, and zip codes.

However, make sure they have the option to decline giving said information, in appliance to CAN-SPAM laws. Full disclosure of information gathering means a lot to the audience, and preserves a positive image for your business.

3. Is your prize compelling, relevant?

Automotive digital marketing, like any marketing, maintains the goal of keeping your brand in your market’s mind. However, when creating a contest, it is imperative to make sure that your prize doesn’t leave your audience scratching their heads.

Make sure that your prize is not only a good one (duh!), but it is relevant to your market. For example, a good idea would be to offer free oil changes for a year, a not-so-good idea would be to offer free haircuts for a year. The little things matter.

4. Are you promoting the contest?

If you’re involved in any automotive digital marketing, you know that your target audience isn’t just going to land on your page. Creative statuses that encourage people to share the contest information, cover photos, and emails, will all be of your benefit when promoting your contest.

5. Do you have an automotive digital marketing plan for after the contest?

The contest is over, the prize has been awarded, and you have more likes than you did before – mission accomplished? Not quite. There’s no debate that you need to plan before, and during, your contest, but make sure you have intriguing content following the contest in order to keep those new likes around.


Do you have examples of proper contests on Facebook? Share them with us! Also, see what else we have to say about social media in the car rental industry!