Automotive Online Marketing: How Thrifty South Africa Dominates Facebook

Automotive Online Marketing: How Thrifty South Africa Dominates Facebook

During our 2013 Users’ Conference we had the pleasure of having Thrifty South Africa in our attendance. We were incredibly surprised, and a bit jealous, to see the type of numbers they were boasting on their Facebook Page, with that in mind we thought we would share just how they dominate automotive online marketing

Thrifty South Africa’s automotive online marketing presence at a glance

As soon as you are directed to their page, the first thing that pops out is their amount of likes, and the amount of people talking about the page. Thrifty South Africa currently has 46.371 likes, and 675 people talking about their page, both of those numbers should only increase as they move forward.

In terms of automotive online marketing standards, their cover photo and profile picture both meet qualifications and should be emulated by other auto rental businesses.

What about the content? After all that is the key to any automotive online marketing initiative. 

This is where Thrifty South Africa excels, every post created by the company receives engagement from their audience. The amount of likes they receive often gets into the triple digits, which means that they are doing automotive online marketing right.

This post is a textbook example of how to operate your automotive online marketing presence on Facebook.

The post features an image, which allows for optimal impact in regards to audience reach – as opposed to a link, which sometimes does not garner the best results. The copy on this post also works, as it engages their audience into questions regarding the rates on the vehicle.

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The mix of good copy and optimal posting, allows for Thrifty South Africa to get the most out of their automotive online marketing presence.

Another key facet in Thrifty South Africa’s automotive online marketing presence is their ability to create content that not only serves their business, but their audience.

Being that they run their operations in South Africa it is certain to think that they were affected by the passing of Nelson Mandela, and even more certain to think that their audience was well.

Thrifty South Africa’s posting of their condolences towards the passing of Mandela, was heartfelt by their audience. While it’s hard to consider results when discussing this subject matter, the post did go viral and that’s what we are shooting for when considering automotive online marketing.

Concluding our analysis on Thrifty South Africa’s automotive online marketing presence 

Thrifty South Africa’s Facebook Page should be used as a standard for automotive online marketing when utilizing Facebook to market your car rental establishment.

Thrifty South Africa mixes business-to-consumer marketing, along with an appeal to their audience to garner great engagement with said audience. When observing the many car rental establishments, Thrifty South Africa has clearly made their presence known among their target market.