Automotive Marketing: 3 Tips For Utilizing Video In Your Marketing Plan

When it comes to automotive marketing, content is king – there’s no debating it. However, it seems that video is overlooked by most companies. The reasons vary from cost of production to lack of experience with video.

Fear not, because Bluebird Auto Rental Systems is here to help you effectively add video to your automotive marketing plan! Here are three tips on how you can do just that:

Don’t worry about having the best of the best:

This automotive marketing tip is a two-parter. The first tip is: don’t worry about not having the best camera on the market. A tool is only as good as the person using it, and unless you are handy with the camera you don’t want to waste precious dollars on a camera that is too complicated for you or your company to use.

There are plenty of cameras that produce quality HD footage, and don’t break your budget. Here is a great resource for finding a camera that gives the quality you will need but does not break the budget. If that seems like too much, a smart phone can provide quality video as well, but you will have to find a microphone to supplement for audio.



The second part of this automotive marketing tip is to avoid outsourcing your video if possible. Yes, in all likelihood they are better videographers than anyone on your staff, but if you have someone who can do a quality job from in-house – by all means use them. Also, make sure to read/watch content on the field and learn as you go.

Always use a tripod for sure, or a stabilizer (if you have to)!

There are two things that can ruin a video, one them is shaky video. Avoid “Shaky Camera Syndrome” by using a simple tripod or stabilizer. We recommend a tripod because that will give your video the most stabilization.


Unless your automotive marketing plan calls for showing your vehicles performance in earthquakes (might not be a bad idea for some), you want your video to be as stable as possible. That can only come from using a tripod or at least a stabilizer. No matter how sturdy you thing your hands are – use one of the two options we suggest!

 Do not forget about audio!

The second thing that can ruin your video is audio – yes, audio. Audio is a tricky one because the audience will hardly ever notice good audio, but the audience will ALWAYS notice bad audio. That means never using the built-in microphone and instead utilizing an external microphone.

The choice on a microphone depends on your budget and what fits into your automotive marketing plan. However, we have found that using a lavalier works best for us. Regardless, you must make sure you understand your microphone’s pick-up pattern in order to gain the best audio possible. This comes from testing it out, but a standard rule is to have your microphone as close to the person talking as possible – with out over-modulating the audio.


We hope that this advice gets you started in adding video to your automotive marketing plan. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see how we’ve utilized video in our automotive marketing endeavors.

Lastly, what are some things you think are important when it comes to video? Join the discussion below!