Automotive Social Media: 3 Keys To Social Success For Your Rental Business

When it comes to automotive social media there is no quick fix for your business, no easy answer, and no certainly no guarantee of instant gratification. However, there are keys to gaining leverage in this social media age.



We have documented successful automotive social media campaigns, but we have yet to dig deep into how a successful automotive social media campaign is run. Well thanks to some tips we learned at this year’s Car Rental Show, we are ready to share some pointers we learned with you!

With this knowledge of automotive social media, you can apply it to your business and gain an advantage over your competitions and allow you to gain more clients!

 Automotive Social Media Tip #1: Learn About Yourself!

Have you ever run a Google search of your company? If not, there are a lot of things you can learn about your business – some might not be a pleasant as you’d hope, but without knowing these issues – how can you fix them?

Yelp and TripAdvisor are two sites that can give you outlook on the perception of your rental business. With this knowledge you can capitalize on the good, and fix the negatives – using your automotive social media campaign, as well as informing your customer service staff.

Your clients will appreciate it, especially the ones who may have unfortunately had a bad experience with your business. Once they see that you and your staff have gone the extra mile to attend to their needs, you may see some leverage gained in your automotive social media campaign!

Automotive Social Media Tip #2: Use Your Outlets to Promote Specials!

While at the Car Rental Show, Maria Romano taught us about “Fertilizing” – which is using your automotive social media outlets to update your customers about special your business is running!

As an added bonus for your clients who follow you on outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, allow for specials that only your followers on social media are eligible for! However, make sure to read the Terms of Use for each outlet you use, as the procedures for special may vary with each one.

Automotive Social Media Tip #3: Be Human!

If you’re going to invest time and even money in an automotive social media campaign – it is crucial to avoid sounding robotic. What we mean by that is, don’t just talk about your deals and specials – rather find out what your ideal customer’s interests are and create some content that is directly geared for them. No sales pitch, no specials, just content that they would find interesting.

This kind of content can be found on sites such as Buzzfeed and/or Huffington Post’s light-hearted content. A word of advice is to treat the subjects of your content like you would conversations with acquaintances – in that you should not discuss politics or religion with them. You do not want to alienate numbers of clients in your automotive social media strategy.

Also, if your business is involved in the community – as they should be – make sure that you are posting about your business’ actions with your social media audience(s). Obviously this will show that you care about your community, and likewise your potential clients will be more apt to do business with you!


If you have more to add, or just want to discuss automotive social media with us – comment below! If you would like to read more on Bluebird Auto Rental Systems discussion on social media marketing, click here. Again, special thanks to Maria Rom