Social Media Customer Service: 5 Crucial Suggestions

Bluebird Auto Rental Systems has spent a lot of time discussing the importance of social media marketing. However, it is just as important that you understand the importance of social media customer service for your business’ success.


Brands have improved their social customer service response rate on Facebook from just 5% in 2011 to 62% in 2013. ~ Social Bakers

As brands improve their social media customer service it important that your business does not lose clients because of a lack of customer service over social media. It’s not enough to market your business, you must maintain and build relationships with your clients via social media too. Here are five crucial suggestions as to maintaing proper social media customer service!


71% of consumers who experience a quick and effective brand response on social media are likely to recommend that brand to others, compared to just 19% of customers who do not receive a response. ~ NM Incite

Put aside feedback to later. Whether or not you have a staff answering social media feedback or yourself, it is imperative that someone is overseeing your company social media outlets and responding as soon as they can.

Respond to all feedback as soon as possible. Yes, not only positive but negative too. Social media consists of instant response and feedback, your business should be no different.

Your business’ attitude towards social media customer service should mimic that of your brick and mortar establishment – in that, just as your customers hate waiting in line, they hate sitting by their computer for your response.


Ideally, every bit of feedback your clients give on social media would be positive; that’s just not possible. There is going to be an issue at sometime or another and proper social media customer service means answering the good and the bad. This shows your clients that you care about their needs, and they will be more inclined to return to your business knowing that.

Likewise, be sure to thank your clients when they have positive experiences with your business – which hopefully are more frequent than the aforementioned. This may lead your customers to write great reviews about your business, and even refer your establishment to those close to them.

IMPORTANT: Do not, we repeat, DO NOT, delete negative feedback from social media outlets. Your deletion could turn your client away right away, and worse: it can be seen as an act of disrespect – this can lead to them going on a smear campaign of your business. Even if the response is vulgar and downright mean – just respond and kill them (figuratively, of course) with kindness!

Be Natural

It’s easy to respond to feedback with the same response every time, but it’s also incredibly lazy. Your clients will notice, and may be pushed away at the thought that you’re not addressing them specifically.

To combat this make sure your responses are genuine, as well as nurturing. It is difficult to convey inflection over social media, but make sure that you or your customer service team are answering all questions as politely as possible.

Responding to Followers

Asking your followers questions is a great way to boost engagement and conversation, it is a trend that has grown in the years and one that shows no signs of stopping.

The number of questions asked on brand pages on Facebook has increased by 85% over the last year.  ~ Social Bakers   

These questions can give your business a greater understanding of your clients, and by thanking everyone who answered your question you can increase the positive effect of your social media customer service.

Pick Up The Phone

If you’ve received a complaint, responded to it, but there seems to be no resolution via social media – call the client! Sometimes social media customer service is not enough, and a more private setting is needed.

Still, your clients will likely appreciate the gesture, and in return keeping coming back.


Social media customer service, like social media marketing, is not going away. The outlets may change, but the practices and the importance are becoming ingrained in our society – and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

How does your business manage its social media customer service? Let us know in the comment section below!