Training Employees Comes Easy With Bluebird Products

Avis employees

When determining a car rental software supplier, ease of use should be a key factor –fortunately, Bluebird Auto Rental Systems provides just that. 

At the 2014 Car Rental Show in Las Vegas, Bluebird Auto Rental Systems had the privilege of interviewing those in the car rental industry who have experienced first-hand the easy learning curve that Bluebird provides.

“I have to tell you, as trainer, it is by far the most user-friendly and easiest system to train my employees on.” said Pat The Trainer, a corporate trainer for Nextcar, Rent-a-Wreck, and Priceless Rent-A-Car. Pat has been working with Bluebird Auto Rental systems for 10 years, and when training employees on auto rental software she look for software that employees will get, and for that she looks no further than Bluebird Auto Rental Systems.

Pat was not the only one in attendance who was willing to go on the record, “I found it to be an excellent system, and very easy to train my employees on.” said Sharon Faulkner, executive director for the American Car Rental Association. Faulkner’s organization is considered the voice of the auto rental industry. Before Faulkner took the position as executive director she used Bluebird Auto Rental Systems software for her business.

Faulkner believes that the ease of training and the relationships that we here at Bluebird strive to make with our clients sets us a part from the competition – to the point that she, like Pat, was willing to recommend Bluebird Auto Rental Systems to business owners/mangers looking to implement a car rental software program into their business plan.

Better software. Better support. Better value. For over thirty years, Bluebird Auto Rental Services has been supporting its many, many happy customers around the world. Our flagship product, RentWorks, provides all the tools you need to run every aspect of your car rental business or service loaner department from the front counter to the back office.

Call us today toll-free at 800-304-5805, or email us at and we will be happy to walk you through Bluebird’s Auto Rental Services.