Bluebird Auto Rental Systems, More Than A Software Company

There’s no debating Bluebird Auto Rental Systems provides the best car rental software, but our relationships matter just as much as our product.



Everyday we strive to provide car rental companies with the best software on the market – with a focus on ensuring that their businesses run to peak performance. Likewise, Bluebird Auto Rental Systems seeks to build lasting relationships with our clients that are built on responding to their many needs.

As the Bluebird Auto Rental Systems mission statement reads:

In order to SUCCEED we must… 

Count our customers among us, realizing that in their destiny lies our own. 

Anticipate all our customers computer needs, seeing the world through their eyes. 

Understand our customers concerns and serve them to the best of our abilities. 

Ensure that every system we provide promotes and enhances the future growth and profitability of our customers. 

Be honest and loyal in all dealings. 

Resolve every problem and complaint as swiftly and courteously as possible. 

Maintain a positive attitude, always having the vision to explore new possibilities, to identify opportunities, and to maximize resources. 

Always be there when needed. 

Guarantee that every Bluebird Rental System delivers the high level of quality and support that we promise. 

Gain our customers respect and business by earning it.

Wether it is our bi-yearly Users’ Conference, or simply answering the call of our clients with our “Idea of the Quarter” campaign, Bluebird Auto Rental Systems will always have the customer, and their business, in mind.

Don’t just take our word for it though, our customers gladly vouch for our statements – as witnessed at the year’s Car Rental Show. We had the opportunity to speak with many of our existing customers, and here is what Dan Ewald, president of Mayfair Rent-A-Car, had to say – along with Jorge de la Guardia, owner of Dollar Rent a Car Panama had to say:

When Bluebird Auto Rental Systems customers talk, we listen – now and forever. If you’re ready to establish a relationship with a company who cares about the success of your business contact us today.