Online Car Rental Software Made Easy With Bluebird Auto Rental Systems

Since June of 2013 Bluebird Auto Rental Systems has provided a web-based version of our industry leading software, RentWorks. Thanks to our partnership with Ericom the best car rental software has become the best online car rental software as well.



As a car rental business operator, the question becomes: why should I switch to online car rental software? Well great of you to ask! Here are 3 reasons why you should make the switch to online car rental software.

1. Online Car Rental Software is easy to obtain and maintain:

Imagine software that is clientless, high-performing, has cross-platform usage, and requires no installation, customization or configuration by you the end-user. You guessed it, that is the reality of using the browser-based version of RentWorks for your business.

All you need is a web-browser and an internet connection to obtain Bluebird’s online car rental software. From there all the user has to do is use their credentials on Ericom’s AccessNow Server and RentWorks is immediately at your use. It’s the future, and the future is easy my friend.

2. Online Car Rental Software is the future:

Change can be scary, but change is needed, and as more and more software programs become browser-based, it is imperative business owners have the most cost-efficient and highest-performing software  to run their business. Bluebird has recognized this, and wants to put its customers in the best position to do business in the 21st century.

As mentioned before, Bluebird’s version of online car rental software, RentWorks can be accessed across many devices, essentially any device that has a web browser. Android, iPhone, iPad, Chromebook – you name it, our online car rental software can run it.

As Bring-Your-Own-Device becomes more prevalent, Bluebird is there to answer the need of savvy business owners who want to take their business into the now.

3. Online Car Rental Software is cost friendly:

Making the switch to online car rental software can save your car rental business money. Since there is no installation or updates to be made, overhead created by support staff is lessened by making the switch to online car rental software.


If the move to online car rental software with Bluebird Auto Rental Systems sounds like a step in the right direction for your 21st century business, call us today; we’d love to help optimize your business!