Automotive Social Media Marketing: Time to Consider Instagram

Looking to expand your social media marketing strategy? What if I told you there is an outlet that millennials are flocking to, and that sales are waiting for you. That outlet is Instagram. In today’s blog post we will discuss the power of Instagram, and how it can increase your reach towards potential customers.



No, this doesn’t mean delete your Facebook, but business would be wise to follow the millennials, and that place is Instagram.

What Exactly is Instagram?

Instagram is a social media outlet that primarily exists for mobile devices. Instagram allows you to take, upload and share photos and videos on a profile that you create. It also allows you to interact with users who have either allowed you to follow them, or have their profiles set to be seen by the public. Uploads can join a conversation by using “hashtags” similar to those used on Twitter. We will discuss later how this feature can help boom exposure for your business.


Why Use Instagram?

Great question, as social media fads come and go, Instagram has withstood the test of time and popularity. Facebook, who actually owns Instagram, has seen a shift in millennials leaving their outlet – however, they are not leaving social media altogether, yet they are moving to Instagram to share their life moments.

In fact, 34% of millennials use Instagram. While there are legitimate concerns regarding millennials and buying cars – being on the social media outlet they love the most may benefit you when the trends change, and still help you in the short-term. The fact that Instagram is free to use means no cost to you other than your cell phone bill, really leaves no excuse to at least try the service.

Strengths of Instagram

Yes, looking at Instagram from face-value really leaves much to be desired. It’s not as in-depth as Facebook, and it’s not as active as Twitter, yet it offers it’s own special service that neither can: the rapid sharing of life’s moments in the form of video and photography. Those life moments can create conversations with customers that are real, and can lead to sales.

These conversations can be found via “hashtags” of popular events and/or places within your market. Just like any marketing initiative, the goal is to put your brand in the consumer’s mind. By showing your business is a part of their community too, they will be more inclined to shop at your business.


In the next edition of Automotive Social Media Marketing, we will dig deeper into Instagram and how exactly to use the social media service. For more information on how Bluebird Auto Rental Systems can optimize your business, contact us today!