Instagram For Marketing: Let’s Learn How To Use Instagram

Last week, we discussed why adding the Photo/Video social media service, Instagram, to your marketing plan is a good idea. Today, we will learn the ins-and-outs of using Instagram for Marketing. 

How to download Instagram:

First off, Instagram is completely free. It can be found in the App Store and/or Google Play (formerly Android Market). Upon installation you will have complete access to the tools included with Instagram.

Features of Instagram:

Instagram comes with the ability to create photos and video, both can be edited with filters – like those in the photo below.


Your company’s Instagram account can be linked with your Twitter and Facebook, which allows for rapid sharing of photos/videos that your company wants to disseminate across the web. If your company does want to share the photos taken on to Twitter or Facebook, or you just want content that pertains to Instagram – you can choose not to share and have the photos solely on your Instagram profile.

There is also a feature which allows users to share photos in private. This may not be applicable to your business, but now you do know it exists!

How to Converse on Instagram

Unlinke Facebook, and Like Twitter, there is no such thing as a “Company Page“. Every profile is treated the same. You can distinguish your Instagram as company profile, but Instagram will treat it just like everyone else. This makes Instagram for marketing, a good choice to those who want to directly communicate even more with their potential customers.

That being said, it provides a great opportunity to follow and to be followed – and to converse with target customers via your profile. Here’s some examples:


Showing off happy customers, and a busy work place are one of many ways that you can draw customers to your business. Also, consider using hashtags such as those seen in the pictures to join the global conversation. However, do be frugal when using hashtags, as like Twitter – using too much may leave users thinking that your business’ account is nothing more than a spam account.

Don’t just post pictures of your cars either, like the photo on the left take photos of the atmosphere of your establishment. If you want to get real social, step out into the community and take photos at events, especially those that your company has a booth at. Let the community know your just as much a part of it as they are!

Instagram for Marketing Etiquette

As mentioned before, don’t go too crazy with using hashtags. Take time to respond to those who voice their legitimate concerns (use our guide to social media customer service if you need help). Also, make sure to thank those who take time to praise your business.

Follow back people so that you can comment on their photos, and don’t leave your profile private – after all, you do want people to see your business.


These tips should allow you to start using Instagram for marketing your auto business. For more information on how our software can optimize your business operations, contact Bluebird Auto Rental Systems today!