Avis App Gets New Marketing Makeover

Avis App Gets New Marketing Makeover | car rental software

Campaign an example of how car rentals can elevate profiles

Even though car rental companies do what they can to stay competitive, namely improving their technology and customer service, there’s still that obstacle of getting the message out to the consumer. Avis made waves in the industry by revamping its app to add more conveniences to the rental experience, which caught a lot of attention in the fleet business. There was no shortage of stories from the trades about Avis in its attempt to use high-tech features to cut down on expenses and improve customer service.

Except the one target that wasn’t in the know was the set of customer Avis was trying to reach. 

There hasn’t been much scuttlebutt in North America about how Avis was going to rectify that problem, but in the U.K., it’s been a different story. A recent campaign involving Avis has been reaping dividends in heightening the awareness of how the company’s made progress in revamping its services. What’s more is that the campaign launched by marketing firms The Media People and Collective London has won awards, the latest being the prestigious The Drum Out Of Home Awards earlier in November.

The new Avis app was a main focus of the “Journey To Better” campaign that placed the control of the booking right at consumer fingertips, symbolizing the way Avis was doing everything it could to accommodate the needs of its customer base. It also helped dispel a stigma of the rental car sector that it was not a trustworthy industry that thrived on piling additional fees into a booking. The Avis app helped get rid of that perception. But in general, the campaign railed against the notion of offering good quality at reasonable prices (a strategy that everyone used) and instead, thanks to that app, indicated that the customer was in the driver’s seat.

While Bluebird’s auto rental software is geared towards the car rental industry, the efficiencies and speedy service that its management platform provides could help leverage a car rental professional’s perception to its own consumer base. Efficiency means lower operating costs and generating savings that can be passed onto the consumer, at the discretion of the business. And speed means prompt and trouble-free service adding to the convenience of the renting experience. 

It’s a value-added amenity that users of Bluebird technology might want to consider, given the competitive state of the industry these days.

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