Avis Voted World’s Leading Car Rental Company

AVIS Voted World's Leading Car Rental Company | car rental software

Firm takes top honors in World Travel Awards Grand Final

Avis might not have the volume and clout of Enterprise, the car rental industry’s biggest performer, but on Nov. 28, the company managed to beat its conglomerate competitor. In a ceremony that took place in Muscat, Oman, Avis won top honors as the world’s leading car rental company in a ceremony held by the World Travel Awards. The occasion marked the second consecutive time Avis has taken home the award, determined by professionals and consumers alike in the global travel and tourism industry.

“We’re delighted to be named the world’s best car rental company,” said Avis Budget Group’s International President Keith Rankin. “This accolade is an indication of our focus on providing the best possible products and experience to our customers.”

Rankin credited the modification of its mobile app as a major reason why Avis repeated as champions in the car rental category. The company spent a great deal of work in streamlining its performance as well as offering customers wider options. In short, the work was a culmination of the organization’s determination to “reinvent the customer experience.”

 It also helped that employees working at more than 5,500 locations in nearly 170 countries were on board with the upgrade. Redesigning the app was geared towards improving customer service while cutting down on operation expenses.

The app received a great deal of attention at the International Car Rental Show in Las Vegas earlier in 2019 and since then, has been one of the more dominant stories in the industry. The new app uses connectivity to reduce maintenance costs by identifying anything that would hamper a rental vehicle’s performance from tire and oil pressure to any impediments affecting the engine. It’s proven to cut down fuel costs with retrieved data signifying common destinations and driver habits.

It also offers customers additional options faster than ever before, thanks to an interface that transmits consumer booking information instantaneously. The app also added a Split My Bill component to enable customers to divide mode of payments between debit and credit cards for a single booking.

By the end of the year, Avis hopes to hook up more than 600,000 vehicles in its global fleet that amalgamates connectivity with the rest of the company’s operations that will also involve the app.

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