UVeye To Showcase Vehicle Inspection Platform in Las Vegas

UVeye To Showcase Vehicle Inspection Platform in Las Vegas | vehicle management software

Technology aimed at fleet industries including automakers and car rental companies

Israel-based deep-learning technology company UVeye is hoping that what happens in Vegas won’t stay in Vegas. The company plans to officially showcase its AI-based vehicle inspection system designed to find anomalies from tiny dents to microscopic design flaws. 

UVeye announced it’s displaying its Atlas 360-degree quality-control system at the Consumer Electronics Show, taking place in January in Las Vegas. The company is hoping the presence of its product at the high-profile exhibition will grab the attention of fleet operators, particularly car rental firms, auto dealer and vehicle manufacturers. UVeye is planning to show interested companies how they could severely cut down maintenance expenses, which in turn could yield exponential returns on such an investment.

“Our new deep-learning technology will dramatically change how car makers, their suppliers, dealers and major fleet operators inspect vehicles,” said Amir Hever, UVeye’s CEO. “We currently are working with a number of vehicle manufacturers to provide inspection systems on assembly lines and at dealerships around the world.”

The product can detect damage and imperfections as small as two millimeters in size almost instantaneously, shaving off hours of labor and valuable company time. The artificial intelligence in the system using such technology as UVeye’s in-house algorithms, can utilize sensor fusion and cloud-based architecture to automatically inspect all parts of a vehicle. The inspection process also involves a number of high-resolution cameras.

The company has come a long way since originally developing its inspection technology geared towards the security industry, which had a high demand for a product able to detect illegal drugs and weapons. Since expanding into the auto industry, UVeye has managed to garner some $35 million in capital to start developing inspection systems for such automakers as Daimler, Skoda, Toyota and Volvo.

UVeye isn’t the only player in the AI-driven vehicle inspection game. Earlier this year, Avis announced a partnership with technology company Ravin to develop a similar system. While cutting down expenses to improve company bottom lines is arguably one motive for automated vehicle inspection processes, there’s another social reality that vehicle-related industries also have to face.

Costs of vehicle maintenance are rising faster than the overall rate of inflation, as labor forces try to keep up with changes in new vehicles annually rolling out. More complicated engines are requiring more sophisticated upkeep methods and with a shift towards a more information-based economy, younger people are shying away from blue-collar trades like auto mechanics.

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