Bluebird and Thermeon Partner with RateGain to help maximize revenue

Bluebird and Thermeon Partner with RateGain to help maximize revenue | car rental software

Car Rental Operators Gain Access To Rate Shopping and Revenue Management Expertise

Bluebird and Thermeon have announced a global strategic partnership with RateGain Technologies, a leading SaaS company for travel and hospitality. This partnership combines RateGain’s experience and expertise in rate shopping and revenue management solutions for the car rental industry with Thermeon’s and Bluebird’s technological prowess of car rental software to help customers identify new revenue generation opportunities.

Benchmarking against the identified competition, identifying and updating rates based on insights derived from historical and current market conditions, and faster turnaround in optimizing revenue strategy to reflect evolving user and market conditions and expectations is critical to success. The RateGain-Thermeon-Bluebird partnership will provide a solution suite comprising an end-to-end seamless automated pricing management, CRS, rental software, and revenue management solutions helping revenue and pricing teams track and react to changing market conditions faster and with data-based actionable insights.

“We are excited to partner with RateGain, the world leader in providing price intelligence and insights customized to address the car rental industry’s unique requirements,” said Paolo Pannunzio, President of Bluebird of the partnership. “This joint proposition will help the industry improve time to market-powered by accurate intelligence and automated rate updates of RateGain’s best-in-class competitor pricing intelligence and revenue maximization solutions for car rentals and our 3-decade long experience of providing car rental software and management solutions.”

“Partnering to deliver transformation to our customers will allow us to provide the most comprehensive solution suite consisting of cognitive price intelligence, CRS and revenue management, in a single product offering,” said Anup Dhiraj, Product Head for CarGain. “This suite is aimed at helping the car rental industry benefit from faster, data-backed actionable insights to enable precision around revenue maximization. Our dedicated solution portfolio for car rentals has been created on a basis of extensive understanding of the pricing challenges unique to the car rental industry. This partnership is a step closer to our vision and mission of enabling car rental operators to benefit from technology-enabled insights to ensure that their customers benefit from the best rates in the market.”

CarGain is one of the leaders in providing SaaS solutions to the car rental industry, trusted by all the top car rentals in the world.

We’re confident this partnership will give our clients a distinct edge in managing revenue and

About RateGain:

RateGain is a leading provider of SaaS products, which help travel and hospitality companies with cognitive revenue management, smart e-distribution, and brand engagement to make more revenue every day. RateGain is proud to support 250,000+ hotel properties globally by providing 240 billion rate and availability updates & powering over 30 Million bookings. RateGain is trusted by 25 out of the top 30 OTAs, world’s fastest-growing airlines, 23 of the top 30 hotel chains, tour operators and wholesalers, all top car rental companies, largest cruise lines, and the largest travel management companies.

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