Bluebird Partners with Move Mee to Offer Contactless Straight-to-Car Rentals

Bluebird Partners with Move Mee to Offer Contactless Straight-to-Car Rentals

Bluebird is happy to announce a new partnership with Move Mee, the straight-to-car, phone-as-a-key solution. Move Mee enables customers to get seamless access to your fleet so you can increase customer satisfaction and revenue while managing costs.

Move Mee has brought together a plug-and-play keyless access solution with ID verification and connectivity to major distribution channels to allow you to offer more convenient car rental to your customers.

Joining the Move Mee network will let you:

  • Add unmanned locations at spots that are convenient for your customers
  • Give customers contactless access to vehicles without standing in line at the counter
  • Offer a premium experience without substantial overhead
  • Increase repeat customers

Bluebird’s reputation is built on supporting rental companies to deliver a seamless customer experience so we’re delighted to partner with them to extend the coverage of the Move Mee contactless car rental offering,” says Richard Laughton, co-CEO of Move Mee. “Providing an immediate opportunity to deliver phone-as-a-key rentals, Move Mee opens new market opportunities and helps build resilience in the face of a changing market landscape for Bluebird’s extensive customer base.”

Bluebird customers will be able to offer this service at minimal cost, with a quick and easy integration process to their car rental software system. Once signed up, Move Mee will dispatch the car access module, which is fast to install and can be switched easily between vehicles. Car rental operators can just sit back and watch the bookings roll in. 

Contactless rental process 

The entire rental customer’s journey can go contactless when you integrate RentWorks with the Move Mee network, as customers scan their ID’s and credentials in the Move Mee app to complete bookings. 

When customers arrive at your location, they can go straight to their car, unlock their vehicle with the Move Mee app, inspect their car, sign their rental agreement and be on their way.

The straight-to-car solution is sure to expedite your rental process and offer a superior customer experience.

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About Move Mee

Move Mee is a global Straight to Car platform that brings car rental into the 21st century. The app offers customers a one-time only registration and validation process, from which point they can access any car on the platform anywhere in the world. The Move Mee management team is formed of the very best from the car rental, car sharing, and rental aggregation markets along with formidable technical expertise which has revolutionized the mobility marketplace. 

About Bluebird

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