Bluebird Delivers Telematics To Customers To Simplify Fleet Management

Bluebird Delivers Telematics To Customers To Simplify Fleet Management

Over the last year, words like ‘mobility’ and ‘connectivity’ have emerged as popular trends in the car rental industry. In order to facilitate these trends, there is a feature called telematics that is sweeping the industry in order to provide more efficient (and secure) fleet management.

Simply put, telematics is an online feature that enables electronic devices to either communicate with each other, or to people. Car rental operators of all sizes are becoming increasingly reliant on telematics to deliver pertinent data so they can make more informed decisions on their fleet. 

Fleet managers can use data from telematics to determine whether fleets are managed efficiently and whether a company is addressing consumer needs. 

What Bluebird offers

In order to deliver telematics to our customers, Bluebird has partnered with two telematics leaders in RentalMatics and Zubie. This ensures that fleet management will be as simple as possible for car rental operators looking to incorporate telematics into their operation.

Bluebird clients will be able to equip their fleets with these telematics tools either through battery ports (RentalMatics) or OBD port (Zubie).

Among the features our telematics solutions off for clients are:

Vehicle overview: Set limits to the area in which your vehicle is allowed to travel.

Track speed: Receive email alerts based on parameters you set up if a client is speeding.

Accident notifications: Receive alerts if the vehicle is involved in an accident.

Dashboard health checkup: Stay up to date on vehicle utilization and track fuel, check-in time, overdue vehicles, etc…

Safety scores: Telematics can assess a safety score for the driver throughout the day.

Insurance discounts: With accident reports included, some insurance companies may provide discounts for having telematics devices installed in vehicles.

Some rental locations have different needs than others, depending on fleet size, type and customer base. Our telematics integrations are prepared to address them all. Here are some additional features Bluebird’s telematics integrations offer.

Additional Features

Real-time Fuel + Odometer: Streamline your check-in process, reduce manual input errors and increase fuel revenue capture.

Locate + Recovery: Live map, geofencing, tow alerts and location link to help you recover lost and stolen vehicles.

Counter Systems Integration: Streamline workflow by linking telematics to your existing business systems through APIs.

Proactive vehicle utilization: Stay informed with vehicle utilization data through idle inventory exception reporting, offsite lot management and a real-time vehicle health dashboard.

Learn More

Bluebird’s team of experts can help you determine which telematics integration is best for your operation. To learn more about how telematics can streamline your fleet management, simply reach out to your Bluebird account manager.

Simplify your fleet management now! Get in touch with your Bluebird account manager to learn more, or contact us here.

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