Bluebird Teams With JumpDrive

BrightLot announces that Bluebird Auto Rental Systems, a leading provider of cost-effective software to vehicle rental companies and dealership loaner fleets, has completed integration with their JumpDrive product, the latest technology in vehicle monitoring for your assets.



The integrated solution was successfully deployed at a luxury car dealership in the Boston area. JumpDrive uses an on-board diagnostics (OBD-II) plug-in device to monitor a vehicle’s precise fuel level and odometer.

The device transmits this information directly to Bluebird’s system when a vehicle returns back on the lot for check-in. JumpDrive also sends an arrival alert that shows the exact fuel charge, driver behavior compared to previous trips on the same vehicle, and alerts agents of vehicle damage, off-road driving, or pilferage.



“We are excited to release this powerful product to our customer base” said Angela Margolit, President of Bluebird Auto Rental Systems. “The time it normally takes to obtain the odometer and fuel levels by service agents is virtually eliminated – and of course the values are 100% accurate.”

Sachin Chaudhry, Co-CEO of BrightLot said “We are proud to work with the Bluebird team. We are impressed by the breadth of their products and the team’s passion for their many long standing customers.”