Bluebird Auto Rental Software Integrates With Dealertrack

Bluebird integrates with dealertrack

Bluebird Auto Rental Software, a leading provider of cost-effective software to vehicle rental companies and dealership loaner fleets, has integrated Bluebird’s RentWorks/LoanerTrack software with Dealertrack’s dealership management system (DMS).

Dealertrack DMS customers who use Bluebird Auto Rental System’s software RentWorks/LoanerTrack for their service loaner fleets and rental departments will benefit from increased efficiencies by having the two systems fully integrated.

NetRent/LoanerTrack, which was approved via Dealertrack’s Opentrack Certification Program, speeds up the check-in and check-out process of loaner cars and makes it easy to track which cars are out on loan and when they are due back. LoanerTrack is used by a wide range of dealerships, as the system allows you to implement a fast and easy check-out and check-in process. It assures that you always capture the necessary data. The program’s reservation module allows dealers to check availability with the click of the button, or use the graph-based Reservation Planner (integrated from RentWorks) to instantly review how many vehicles are on rent, due back or have assigned reservations.

Data fields can be made mandatory and unlimited custom codes can be created, i.e. Employee Use, which can be assigned to each vehicle. The product’s graphical Reservation Planner allows users to instantly review how many vehicles are on rent, when they are due back and what the assigned reservations are in the future.

Dealertrack logo integration

Dealertrack’s Opentrack Certification Program made it easy and inexpensive to integrate our system with their dealership management system. Our customers who use Dealertrack’s DMS will be able to access NetRent/LoanerTrack directly from their DMS workstations, streamlining the loaner car and rental process and creating associated revenue opportunities. Dealerships often require many different software systems to operate, which is why Dealertrack made integrations easy to implement. With NetRent/LoanerTrack software being easy to use, a partnership with Dealertrack was an ideal step to take.

Dealertrack’s DMS Opentrack Certification Program allows dealers to securely integrate their Dealertrack DMS with certified third-party providers and software, like Bluebird and its NetRent/LoanerTrack software, used within a dealership.

If you are a Bluebird customer using Dealertrack and are interested in more information, feel free to contact us today!

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