Customer Service and “#Spiderpocalypse2016”: What We Can Learn

We have stressed the need of having a strong online presence when it comes to customer service for years now. However, a recent event involving a rental car, and a plethora of spiders, demonstrates exactly how important it is to have someone behind the keyboard for your operation.


What went down?

Chris Tarantino rented a vehicle from a Hertz location in the Fort Meyers, Florida, area. He was reaching in his backseat when suddenly something happen which would surely garner the same reaction from many….

Now don’t get me wrong, this could happen at any time to anyone. However, seeing that it this happened in a rental car, it is understandable that the blame quickly was deflected to Hertz.

Of course, the Hertz location didn’t want someone driving around with baby spiders, so they worked with Chris to get him a replacement for his spider-ridden Dodge Charger. Chris took the opportunity to name his misfortune “#Spiderpocalypse2016”

In the meantime Hertz’s official Twitter account made sure that everything was under control.

Luckily, someone at the Hertz location was on the ball and had someone ready to respond, and the situation was taken care of (Tarantino’s car was replaced). He was quick to thank Hertz for their efforts.


Once the situation was handled Hertz made sure to let them know that he could always reach back to them if any other issues arise.

What we can learn!

Having a strong customer service department, both online and off, can mitigate many issues that arise. With both the original Hertz location and the corporate location responding to Chris’ time of need, the situation was handled and it was clear that the company cares about their customers.

This should go without saying, but it is absolutely necessary that you respond promptly. Hertz’s responses didn’t come a day later, they came minutes later, and that’s an important detail. The longer you wait, the worse your operation is going to look.

Also, the Hertz corporate account gave them their number to call. It is important to take the conversation offline and make it personal. The last thing you want is a long conversation over social media where words can be misinterpreted and everyone can see it.

What’s your Customer Service advice?

What does your operation do to respond to customers online? Let me know in the comment section below!