Marketing Car Rental With Snapchat

With the popularity of Snapchat rising, it’s time for car rental marketers to take notice!


What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a mobile image messaging service that allows users to send pictures and videos to one another. The message exists for a short period of time then disappears. It has grown from humble beginnings to a service recognized by marketers of the largest brands in the world, ranging from publications to sports teams.

How your business can use it!

Snapchat has gone the route of Facebook and Twitter, in that it’s no longer a niche social media outlet. Everyone, of all ages, uses it. If your operation is savvy with their marketing, now is the perfect time to utilize Snapchat for a competitive edge.

Of course, you have to produce solid content in order for people to follow your operation. Here are some ideas:

Behind the scenes

Many business use Snapchat to show the inner-workings of their operations. Why not debut the newest addition to your fleet to your followers?


Keeping up with the theme of your customers needing reason to follow you… send exclusive offers to your followers.

Let an influencer take control

If your operation is community-based, have a figure take the reigns for a day and let them be a spokesperson for your brand. If your operation is larger, well then… find some with even more influence.

Observe other brands!

If your still struggling for ideas, follow other brands and see what they are doing. Mimic what you like, stay away from what you don’t.


There is no concrete guide for Snapchat marketing, as it’s an outlet still in it’s infancy in terms of use. However, there is great potential in using one of the fastest growing social media outlets in the world! Take the dive today!