Bluebird provides Toll and Ticket Violation Processing with Global Toll Solutions

Partnership with GTS creates violation processing solution for car rental operators

One of the major headaches of any car rental operation is tracking down violations and recovering funds, be it through toll, parking or traffic violations. 

Thanks to a partnership with Global Toll Solutions (GTS), Bluebird is able to provide customers with a viable toll and ticket violation processing solution. 

Among the benefits available to Bluebird clients when integrating GTS are:

  • Toll transaction processing
  • Parking and traffic violation processing
  • Customer Billing (including backlog processing)
  • Customer Notifications
  • Transponder management
  • Multiple billing solutions based on client’s needs
  • And much more.

In fact, if RentWorks users opt for Bluebird’s fully integrated billing solution, GTS will process violations directly in RentWorks by applying fees to the customer rental agreement. This eliminates the need to wait for funds from GTS.

GTS hands on in assisting Bluebird clients

GTS is very active in the process, as they offer their own customer service and billing. With toll inquiries handled by GTS, our clients don’t need to worry about an influx of calls or emails related to billing. 

The GTS team is full of experts in processing toll violations. With this solution, there is no more agency mail to process, as violations and bills are eliminated from your rental operation. 

Maximize revenue 

The GTS team also assists our clients in determining the appropriate violation fees through data analytics, which are based on customer activity reviews. This will ensure that revenues remain as high as possible. Their toll management process is fully automated, which also improves the accuracy and efficiency of processing violations.

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Bluebird’s partnership with GTS is set to be a game-changer for any car rental operator, or dealership offering a loaner service. 

For more information on what our toll and ticket processing solution can do for your rental location, please contact our sales department at, or reach out to your Bluebird account manager.


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