Expand the reach of your car rental operation with Bluebird Broker Hub

Expand the reach of your car rental operation with Bluebird Broker Hub | car rental software

Broker Hub is your optimal sales hunting weapon, connecting you with over 90 brokers

Car rental locations are looking for ways to expand the reach of their business, particularly with more and more travel taking place on the ground, with car rentals emerging as an alternative to air travel and ridesharing in an effort to practice social distancing. However, businesses need a way to extend their reach to attract new business. That’s where Bluebird’s Broker Hub comes in,

Reservation Hub – Broker/Partner Product

XML is the industry standard for the transfer of data between “unconnected systems”. That’s where Bluebird comes in, as our Broker Hub reservation hub can provide you links to over 90 Brokers, GDS & OTAs. Broker Hub is available outside of your own existing external counter system and provides a real time reservation feed so you can collect the reservations generated from our service. You can then have those rentals opened within your single current counter system.

How does it work?

Bluebird’s Broker Reservation Hub is set up for you to be integrated with any any established broker connections.  The portal is provided to load and maintain your rates and availability rules, which removes the headaches of managing your rates manually across multiple channels. The reservations are pushed to your counter system in real time and they can open a rental agreement in the same way your other rental business operates via an easy to implement API.

Manual reservation processing can also be time consuming, but with Broker Hub, that hassle is eliminated, as reservations are processed automatically. You can also ensure that you can upsell as much as possible, as Broker Hub leaves you with the ability to sell optional extras and coverages tobrokers. Just as you would with any direct reservation, you can ensure that you’re maximizing every potential dollar out of a transaction.

Bluebird is also there for you every step of the way to assist in bringing new broker channels to your business. Equip your business today with our powerful Broker Hub and connect right now with up to 90+ of the world’s best known brokers!

Better software, better support, better value. For over thirty years, Bluebird Auto Rental Systems has been supporting its many, many happy customers around the world. Our flagship product, RentWorks, provides all the tools you need to run every aspect of your car rental business or service loaner department from the front counter to the back office.

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