Bluebird Reaches Distribution Agreement With CRX Group

Bluebird Reaches Distribution Agreement With CRX Group | car rental business software

Partnership aims to help clients connect to the online travel pipeline and take reservations through multiple channel programs

Bluebird Auto Rental Systems is pleased to announce that it has entered a distribution agreement with the CRX Group (Car Rental Express). This partnership is aimed to give Bluebird clients access to CRX’s multiple channel programs – all through the use of their powerful CRX Booking Engine.

The CRX Booking Engine allows car rental agencies to accept online reservations directly through their website and/or through CRX’s Travel Partner sites, such as Kayak and SkyScanner. 

Connecting this powerful booking engine to Bluebird’s user-friendly car rental software will be sure to bring high conversion rates in a very simple fashion. The CRX Booking Engine enables renters to book real-time, online reservations at a rental company’s website. The engine generates streamlined rental center web pages, all designed to convert online visitors into renters.

Benefits For Bluebird Customers

With this new collaboration between CRX and Bluebird, businesses are now able to activate the CRX Booking Engine at minimal effort and see the reservations enter directly into the Bluebird RMS. The service is based on a CRX membership model in the following options:

  • Pro Membership plan
    Share your inventory with the world and get reservations from global car rental and travel networks such as Sky-scanner, KAYAK ( & local websites inc Australia and NZ, ) (US & Canada) and more… 
    Enjoy the benefits of pro membership and also Integrate the CRX Booking Engine seamlessly into your current website, allowing consumers to browse, compare, and rent your inventory with a few clicks. 

Bluebird’s goal in constantly seeking the best partners suited for the car rental industry is a priority in order to ensure customers have the most complete car rental business software at their disposal. To learn more about Bluebird’s collaboration with CRX and what solution is right for your business, reach out to your Bluebird account rep, or contact us here. We’ll be happy to discuss our CRX partnership in more detail or take you through any other services you may require.

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