Bluebird’s LoanerTrack Built To Handle Retail Rental Services

Bluebird's LoanerTrack Built For Dealerships To Handle Retail Rental Services | loaner vehicle software

Car dealerships can maximize potential revenue from loaner fleets

As the car rental industry continues to evolve, with more options available than ever, many non-traditional rental providers are looking for ways to get in on the action. With the NADA 2020 Expo now passed, dealerships from around the continent had the chance to visit with Bluebird and learn more about LoanerTrack

Bluebird’s loaner application software allows dealerships to offer both courtesy transportation services and retail rentals, which is designed to maximize revenue for dealers. With car rental giants and car sharing services offering consumers so many options, dealerships now have a chance to counter with their own services to customers not willing to buy or lease quite yet.

Advantages to offering Retail Rentals

What your car dealership gains by offering retail rental services | vehicle management software

Retail rental services can not only bring you an additional profit center, but allow you to leverage your brand over traditional rental businesses. By offering rentals directly out of your dealership, the public can essentially ‘test’ a specific brand and in turn, decide if they’d like to eventually purchase a vehicle from you. Your existing customer base may also be thinking of upgrading their vehicle and a short-term rental of a specific model may tip the scales and convince them to buy from you once again.

Think of your courtesy transportation vehicles as test drives for your customers. If you want to truly display all the add-ons your brand offers. By showcasing your latest models and including as many add-ons as possible, such as a sunroofs, state of the art sound systems, dash cam with parking mode, etc…  

Offering rentals also provides dealers the opportunity to build customer loyalty. For example, a dealer can make a customer who uses a rental service eligible for a loyalty discount towards the purchase of a new vehicle. In most cases, the rental fee will cover the cost of selling a vehicle at a discounted price.

The bottom line is, by keeping offering a rental service, you can ensure that YOUR brand is being used by the customer. By using one of your vehicles, the customer can in turn, be more comfortable in considering your brand as a long-term option.   

Optimize Fleet Utilization

optimize your used car fleet with LoanerTrack | vehicle rental software

LoanerTrack ensures that any dealership offering a rental or courtesy transportation service will optimize fleet utilization. LoanerTrack automatically captures and recovers costs such as parking tickets, toll violations, low fuel, and damage to the vehicle. With its abundance of reports available, our vehicle management software allows you to evaluate out of pocket dealer costs and split charges accordingly, between dealer and customer.

By properly managing your fleet, you’ll ensure that you always have the best purchase and allocation strategy possible for your fleet. LoanerTrack allows you to track your fleet and make an informed decision on fleet allocation based on: historical demand, current trends, vehicle sales, recalls and more. 

Integration to major Dealer Management Systems

car rental software integrated to dealer management systems | auto rental software

 Another big advantage LoanerTrack offers dealerships is it easily integrates to major dealer management systems, such as CDK- Reynolds, Auto/Mate, dealertrack technologies, XTime and more. Implementing LoanerTrack for dealerships is a very simple process and with LoanerTrack, you have a support team and professional trainers with experience in the industry. You’ll have everything you need to ensure your loaner department is set up to be a true revenue hub for your dealership. 

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