Car Rental Must Not Forget About Google+


Car Rental, like most industries, is lagging when it comes to using Google+. However, there are plenty of reasons to utilize Google’s social network for your rental business.


Since it’s launch 3 years ago, Google+ has exactly set the world on fire with numbers of users. But if we step back a bit we do need to realize that it takes a while to build a community. Facebook wasn’t Facebook in 3 years, and either was Twitter.

Still, as of October 2013 Google+ boasts 540 million active users and 25% of all internet users are active on Google Plus. It’s growing and it’s only a matter of time before your renters are on the network too – if they aren’t already!

Google+’s company pages work differently than those of Facebook, most notably you can leave comments and interact with personal pages as if your page was a personal one. This makes it easier to communicate with customers, especially those who have reached out to your business.

More importantly, Google loves itself some Google. By creating a business page that syncs to your website and regularly using Google+ to share blog posts and other content, your business will rank better on Google and show up in key search results. By playing nice with Google, they will reward you with better search rankings.

Being on Google+ will also allow you to take advantage of their ratings service, your business can learn what customers love and what they don’t. You can also solicit reviews so that your happy renters give you positive reviews, and what beats a positive personal referral?

Chances are your competitors are not Google+ yet, as stated before many businesses are lagging – why not create an advantage for your business now? Google+ works for large businesses and small ones too. The only way it doesn’t work is if you’re not actively using it to market to your potential renters.


Hopefully this lights a spark, and your business begins using Google+. If you are already on Google+ give Bluebird Auto Rental Systems a follow.