Phone-as-a-key solution now available with Liberkee integration

phone as a key rental software

Liberkee’s solution turns smartphones into car keys to revolutionize businesses for a secure and frictionless future. 

We’re pleased to announce that Bluebird (as well as Navotar) have partnered with Liberkee, which will bring digital mobility to our clients. Liberkee’s digital access system is the ideal solution to bring your existing rental cars and fleet vehicles into a key-free and digital future. 

Liberkee’s phone-as-a-key system is easily installed and seamlessly integrated to help transform your operations while delighting your customers. Their system includes encrypted digital key management, software applications, programming interfaces and hardware. 

What Liberkee brings to your operation: 

– Complete hardware and software solution to rent completely contactless

– Improve customer experience, expand your business

– Remote renting, staff-free 24/7 operations and distributed rental locations

– Track location, odometer, fuel Level

– Digital key access is timed and controlled by operator

“Bluebird and Navotar rental management systems are exciting examples of the ever-increasing digitization of mobility services,” says Sven Gennermann, Managing Director at Liberkee.  “Liberkee’s retrofit, phone-as-a-key capabilities complement these services by helping streamline the renting process while offering contactless rentals around the clock in a customer friendly way.” 

Easily installed into your vehicles 

Thanks to Liberkee’s non-invasive technology, their solution can easily be installed in vehicles without affecting any electrical components. Your solution can be up and running in no time.  

Liberkee can be quickly moved from older to newer fleet vehicles, so the solution is suitable for practically all mobility providers from rental car companies to car sharing providers and fleet operators. 

The system is secure against tampering and theft, with physical, digital and electronic protection against theft. So on top of a smooth user experience for customers, operations and staff, it’s also the most secure solution on the market.  

Bluebird’s commitment to new technology 

Bluebird remains committed to seeking new technology to better serve our clients. We’re confident that this integration with Liberkee will being an enhanced customer experience to operators and adjust to the industry’s growing demands.  

If you would like to learn more about Liberkee’s solution and how you can add this to your operation, get in touch with your account manager or reach our sales team here.

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