Zubie and Valsoft Partnership: A Total Fleet Management Solution

Bluebird Zubie integration

Text courtesy of Zubie Rental Connect

At Zubie, our goal has been to deliver the most “simple” telematics solution for rental operators – from device installation, to insight delivery through the Zubie software portal to pricing. Our aim is to help rental fleet managers save time so they can focus on operating their business. We’re proud to be a trusted partner of the Valsoft family – Bluebird, Thermeon, and Navotar. Our partnership provides a full-service rental fleet management solution designed to optimize your rental business. Our solution is rental specific — not some fleet solution dressed up with rental features. We’ve done the research to understand the challenges of rental fleet operators, and we’ve developed specific solutions to address things like real-time fuel and odometer, vehicle recovery, and more recently, touchless pick-up and delivery.

Why Zubie?

Zubie Rental Connect software was designed specifically to help rental companies efficiently manage inventory and keep vehicles on the road earning revenue. Watch a 60 second video here to see what Zubie Rental Connect can do for you.

We asked our Director of Business Development, Greg Pendleton, to share with us the most important features and functionality based on what he’s hearing from rental operators right now. Here’s what he had to share:

Customized Asset Location

Knowing where your vehicles are is just the beginning. But receiving proactive alerts when a vehicle arrives or leaves a certain area, or crosses a state or country border? That’s a whole new level of fleet management. Our Live Map and custom geofencing capabilities are like GPS tracking…but with a super boost.

Real-time Fuel and Odometer

Some of the automation features our rental customers talk about most are the real-time reports they receive for fuel levels and odometer readings. Not only does this feature help reduce manual input errors and increase fuel revenue capture, but it allows them to expedite the check-in process. These features also make contactless pick-up and delivery a breeze.

Protecting and Recovering Vehicles

We understand how frustrating it can be when a vehicle is stolen, which is why Zubie developed Location Link. This unique feature helps operators quickly recover vehicles by allowing them to share the vehicle location data – in real-time – with any third party, such as the police or a recovery team. We also have tow alerts, which will notify you if the vehicle is being towed.

Proactive Vehicle Utilization

Operators also like our idle inventory exception reporting, as well as our ability to deliver both onsite and offsite lot management. Our software allows rental fleet managers to easily identify idle vehicles, vehicles that are in for service, or vehicles that haven’t been driven for an extended period of time. These insights allow you to monitor fleet trends and, ultimately, provide the opportunity to use health data to schedule preventive maintenance.

New Features: Smart Maintenance

One feature we really never talked about pre-pandemic was our Smart Maintenance service, which allows you to track, schedule and pay for service at more than 25,000 trusted service facilities. However, with an increase in long-term rentals, we saw the use of this feature skyrocket among our rental customers.


When you onboard with Zubie, you immediately receive these features and can view your dashboard on our easy-to-use platform via a computer, a tablet, or mobile device. But, perhaps most importantly, Zubie Rental Connect is developed to seamlessly integrate with rental counter systems like our partners at Valsoft. While rental operators love the Zubie platform as a stand-alone solution, we understand the power of a one-stop-shop. Many rental fleet managers instantly take advantage of Zubie Rental Connect’s benefits, and then add counter system integration later as a “Phase 2” to your onboarding process. Our goal is to provide you with a flexible solution. Together, Zubie and Valsoft have you covered!

Plug in. Connect. Go.

Rental operators choose Zubie because we make fleet management simple. Successfully managing a rental operation requires accurate inventory management, 24/7 vehicle location tracking, and easily available fleet data. Zubie Rental Connect solves the complexity of rental fleet management by providing simple, yet impactful, features…all in one simple-to-use platform.

With a 10-minute demo, let us demonstrate how Zubie can help you protect your assets and optimize your business.