Maximize Your Car Rental Software With RentWorks Add-On Modules

Maximize Your Car Rental Software With RentWorks Add-On Modules

Transfer and store data quickly with these RentWorks add-on modules

If you’ve made the decision to run your car rental business with RentWorks, you’re already ahead of the game in ensuring you have the best car rental software available. However, what separates Bluebird from the rest is that we keep looking for ways to improve our software. Using suggestions from our customers, we’ve implemented numerous add-on modules to tackle specific needs for your business. Our add-on modules are available to customers to make sure all of their business’s unique needs are met, which truly makes Bluebird the global value leader in car rental software.

RentWorks simplifies your daily tasks in running your car rental business. After a one-time fee, these add-on modules are available to upgrade your software. Our add-on modules address your business’s needs from the rental counter to the back office. There are numerous add-on modules available, but today we’ll be focusing on a few that will help you in the accounting facets of your operation and something that anybody managing a fleet has to think about; accident claims. We’ve already covered some add-on modules that will improve your customer experience, and now we’ll go through some RentWorks add-ons that make your life easier. We’re here to simplify your daily operations and these add-ons will ensure you’re getting the full capacity of what RentWorks has to offer.

Let’s get to some key add-on modules available with RentWorks:

Accounting Interfaces

Accounting Interface Add-on Module RentWorks Car Rental Software

Our Accounting Interfaces add-on module eliminates the need to add data more than once. Rather than manually adding data to your rental contract and then in accounting systems, this module automatically transfers data from your rental contract to accounts receivable, accounts payable and the general ledger in a number of accounting packages. Instead of spending time adding the same data multiple times into multiple programs, RentWorks can integrate it all! With a simple click of the mouse you can upload all of your data and integrate it to QuickBooks, Peachtree, Great Plains and MAS90/200. All you have to do is set up a Chart of Accounts with the same accounts and account numbers that are in your accounting program.

You’ll save time in entering fleet data, as you can simply export it to the general ledger. This will cover everything from vehicles acquired, vehicles sold, depreciation, license depreciation and payments. You can also post all data to accounts receivable via the Daily Business Report. If you’re using the QuickBooks accounting interface, you can also post via invoice processing. Finally, you can create entries for revenue splits in both accounts payable and accounts receivable.

That’s only a quick summary of what our multiple accounting interfaces can do for you. If you have more questions, we’d be happy to provide more information on how this simplifies the accounting aspect of your business. However, we should mention the separate interfaces available to most dealership management systems.

Dealer Management Systems

Dealership management systems, including Auto/Mate, CDK Drive, Reynolds, Dealertrack and DealerBuilt LightYear can be integrated with Bluebird’s car rental software to eliminate double data entry. If you are currently entering the same customer data for both auto rental and dealership customers, you’re spending more time than you have to. RentWorks and its accounting interfaces can be integrated into your DMS to save you time and money. The integration will allow you to look up existing customers in your DMS and transfer their information into RentWorks during the rental process. As for new customers, you can add their information into RentWorks and they’ll automatically be added into your DMS database. In essence, your workload is cut in half!

Claims Manager

RentWorks Claims Manager Add-On Module

One thing that any car rental business wants to stay on top of, is accident claims. The RentWorks Claims Manager module is very easy to use and it automates all the primary functions of accident claim tracking. This module will save you a lot of time with quick access to your accident claim information. You can easily store and retrieve information and reduce the amount of times you need to add data. Existing contracts and fleet information can all be pulled from the RentWorks database. Thanks to RentWorks’ multitude of reports available, an aging report on uncollected funds can be made. Accidents usually have multiple perspectives, which made it logical for the Claims Manager to allow inquiries by the renter, claim number, car number or accident date. You can also store all documents associated with claims, including photos stored on your PC. A multitude of features and reports are available, which will prevent you from ever losing track of information in accident claims.


Those of you who have already implemented RentWorks as your car rental software of choice have likely already experienced a huge difference in how smoothly your operation runs. If you’d like to learn more about RentWorks, a good step is requesting a free demo. Our add-on modules will ensure you always have the latest software upgrades available and you get the highest value possible for your investment in our software.

Better software. Better support. Better value. For over thirty years, Bluebird Auto Rental Software has been supporting its many, many happy customers around the world. Our flagship product, RentWorks, provides all the tools you need to run every aspect of your car rental business or service loaner department from the front counter to the back office.

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