Firms Starting To Look Into Electric Vehicles As The Future

Electric Cars in Charging Station.

The world of electric vehicles (EV) seems to be getting some more attention from manufacturers who are traditionally dealers and creators of combustion engine vehicles.

According to the BBC, Ford is said to be putting in $11 billion by the year 2020 to create a lineup of forty cars that are both hybrid and electric. What this means is that consumers might see a slight shift towards the hybrid market and as technology improves, perhaps, an entirely reliable and electric car.

Even Cadillac, owned by General Motors has plans to come up with a new electric vehicle architecture. This seems to be a new design for the vehicle type since Steve Carlisle, who’s the Cadillac president claimed that the design would essentially allow for battery packets to fit into the car in the same manner as “ice cubes fit into a tray”.

In terms of Cadillac, there wasn’t much of a time-frame for it all. So, we might all see this in two years or in a decade. GM’s chief executive Mary Barra apparently talked about making Cadillac GM’s flagship brand for the vehicle type. If this was to happen it’d be a unique take on a brand that has traditionally remained gas powered and is actually known for having high end gas powered vehicles. In short, this would be a take on Tesla since they’re currently the best option if someone is eyeing a high-end electric vehicle.

All this means that the world could soon see two things. The first is a new form of electric vehicle since there seems to be a want for more innovation in the sector. Some of those would be sports utility vehicles (SUVs), which have been a tool for car companies to rely on in their efforts of restructuring. The second would be new competition, which is actually a good thing since it forces companies to make the best and cheapest possible product that consumers would enjoy.

Despite all of the talk, it doesn’t mean that there are working models of everything just yet. You see, many of these devices are works in progress, this means that they’ll likely get better with time as issues are solved.  With that in mind, there was one SUV that appeared at the Detroit Auto Show. It was the Infiniti QX Inspiration, a fully electric SUV concept, but it unfortunately stalled and was unable to drive itself on stage.

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